The independent ticketing and social marketing platform Ticketfly has added yet another tool to its bag of tricks for the promoters and venues who use the site.

The company’s new Analytics Dashboard provides a virtual eye into the health of client ticket sales, with access to all of Ticketfly’s outlets, including Web site activity, social marketing performance, and email outreach, all in real time.

The Dashboard provides detailed sales information for each event, including tickets allotted, number of unsold tickets, total sales, gross revenue and sell-through rates. Sales graphs provide a visual on the pace of daily ticket sales. Web site stats covered include number of site visits and page views, number of unique visitors, and average time on the site. Referring sites and emailer programs are sorted according to total clicks, tickets purchased via the referring source, and percentage of tickets sold from the source. Users may even track when tickets are being sold from each source listed. Event performance data includes days on sale, tickets sold, gross sales and sell-through percentages. Activity is logged for all past and upcoming events, allowing users to track how well each show sold/is selling and to help identify the success of promotional efforts with target audiences.

In a recent conversation with TicketNews, Ticketfly co-founder and CEO Andrew Dreskin discussed the power and significance of this new tool. “It enables decision makers to understand which marketing programs are most impactful and see, for the first time, where every ticket buyer started in the purchase process. We believe we are uniquely situated to provide this type of product to our clients as, unlike other ticket sellers, we touch all areas of our clients’ business – ticketing, social marketing, Web site and email and more.”

Dreskin sees the new product integrating seamlessly into Ticketfly toolbox: “At the core of our system is an integrated content management system that allows clients to enter event data once, and we will push that data out to their Web site, ticketing pages, email newsletter, the social networks and their iPhone app. Now the Analytics Dashboard will allow them to monitor ticket sales performance for any selected period, for past or future events, and holistically or for a specific event.”

As for the uniqueness of this new product, the CEO asserts, “Other ticketing companies may be able to provide information on referrals, but our Dashboard is more sophisticated and comprehensive than a simple referral report. Because we host our clients Web sites, we can tell them not only how many buyers came from their Web site, but from where the buyer was a step before that. This is an important distinction.”

Upwards of 200 clients are already using the new Dashboard, which Dreskin believes will make a significant difference in members’ management of their ticket sales growth. And there’s more to come: “The next few iterations will be pretty game-changing as well. Without giving away too much, I can tell you our goal is to provide as much actionable intelligence as we can to our clients relating to the artists that they book, how their marketing is performing and who their buyers are.”

Offering powerful online marketing and site management tools to promoters and venues since 2008, Ticketfly provides promoters and venues with hosted Web sites and mobile ticketing solutions, including bar code scanning from smartphones. In addition, the company offers numerous social marketing tools with Facebook and Twitter interfaces, blog ads and customized email.