NFL fans can tell you, there is no better enjoyment on earth than spending a game with your fellow fans and friends after tailgating...

NFL fans can tell you, there is no better enjoyment on earth than spending a game with your fellow fans and friends after tailgating on a Sunday morning or afternoon. As New York Jets fans and Fireman Ed can atest there is no greater feeling than cheering on “Gang Green” during a beautiful New York-New Jersey fall and winter Sunday afternoon. Now those Sunday afternoons come at a lower out of pocket cost for 300 Level patrons at Met Life Stadium.

Team president Neil Glat recently announced that Met Life Stadium and the New York Jets will offer reduced ticket prices in the last 13 rows in the 300 level end zone and corners, as well as portions of the sideline, according to The reduction drops 2012 season rates from $105.00 and $95.00 to $75.00 and $50.00 for corner and end zone seating. These new prices will be extended to New York Jets season ticket holders and available on a game-to-game basis throughout the 2012 NFL season.

Last season NFL Blackout Rules came under great scrutiny and protests from fans, coaches, and a few NFL franchise officials. Blackout rules also hampered the enjoment of football Sunday with nationwide fans who ordered the NFL’s Sunday Ticket via satellite provider DirecTV. If local team markets did not sellout DirecTV satellite customers, who paid the extra money in order to watch every football game, were also subject to the same blackout restrictions as local cable networks and providers. Several NFL franchises view the blackout policies to be detriminal to the NFL and its fanbase.

New York Jets President Neil Glat assured the media and press that ticket reduction prices were not due to blackout concerns in the New York- New Jersey market. Neil Glat stated in and interview with Bloomberg that “The games were never at risk of not being on TV, but we really wanted to sell more tickets to season-ticket holders.”


Glat also spoke with the Associated Press about the new prices and explained, “After taking a hard look and having analyzed the 300 level, we are going to adjust the price. We think we can do better in that area for our fans. The goal is to ensure that we have a lot of season ticket holders up there.”

With 12,000 seats in the reduced price range the New York Jets are now offering season ticket packages starting at $500.00. It will be interesting to see if any other teams in the league follow suit in efforts to lure more season ticket holders into stadiums this fall.

The New York Jets are set play their 2012-2013 season home opener on September 9 against the Buffalo Bills. Their upcoming schedule hosts some of the top teams in the league in the Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals, and rival New England Patriots. The addition of Tim Tebow on the roster could also lead to an increase in demand come next season as Tebow fans flock to the tri-state area to experience Tebow-mania first hand.

For more information on how you can “Experience the Excitement of a Jets Game” visit the team’s official website.