PRESS RELEASE: “EasySeat Ticekts A Top 40 Hit On Markum Tech List.”

PLAINVILLE, CT: EasySeat Tickets has been named to the Markum LLP Tech Top 40 list of fastest-growing technology companies in Connecticut. With five-year growth topping out at more than 300%, 3 new employees and a new bricks-and-mortar office in downtown Hartford, the Connecticut-based ticket reseller is on a winning streak.

After recently selling its 100,000th ticket (in early January), expanding its staff again (in March), and opening its newest office location in Hartford (the company’s second physical location), things are really looking up for the 7-year-old company, in spite of intense competition from a number of key national players in the Connecticut resale ticket market.

TFL and ATBS for ticketing professionals

“Attending a live event is an intensely local experience,” says principal David Evans of his unique business model. He credits this unique “buy local” focus as the reason for the growth of EasySeat tickets.” The rise of national ticketing operations, in both the primary and secondary markets, has taken local expertise out of the equation. EasySeat, through its services and its physical presence in the market, is adding local back to the ticket buying experience.”

EasySeat is introducing a new concierge service that helps customers with their overall experience, whether they’re going to a concert, the theater or a ball game. Directions, restaurant listings, parking information, taxi and transportation information — it’s all just a click or a phone call away.

“We can procure tickets for just about anything,” says Evans. “That’s not the point. The main thing is, we can also make the experience better since our focus is really engaging in those markets we serve.”

A unique business model, a new branding and advertising initiative and a new website are setting EasySeat tickets apart and helping to fuel its growth “in Connecticut and other cool places,” as the ads say.

“We’re your ticket to what’s happening,” concludes Evans. And right now, what’s happening is that EasySeat has been recognized by the Markum LLP Tech Top 40 list as one of the best of the best. For more information, visit Or call Rae Asselin at 860-268-1825.