PRESS RELEASE: “RocketPoster Hits 500,00 Active eBay Listings”

SADDLE BROOK, N.J., Aug. 10, 2012 — Ticket Utils, creators of RocketPoster, the widely used eBay ticket broker ecommerce solution and the leading provider of ticket broker software, today announced that active eBay ticket listings powered by RocketPoster have surpassed 500,000. RocketPoster currently powers greater than 80% of all the active “Ticket” category listings currently on, and is widely accepted as the Gold Standard of eBay listing tools for ticket brokers. RocketPoster published ticket listings on eBay now have a total value of well over $325,000,000.

“This volume of ticket activity is unprecedented in the industry”, says Ticket Utils Founder, Brian Hampel. “Passing 500,000 active listings shows the stability and robustness of this platform and the value of our software to our clients and ticket buyers.”

The RocketPoster software is specifically designed to allow ticket brokers to leverage eBay as a primary distribution channel in a highly automated and effective manner.

Insomniac browser for ticketing professionals

RocketPoster clients agree:

“RocketPoster is seamless, easy to use software that has far succeeded our expectations”, – Drew Forbes, Owner of Denver Ticket Company.

“Using RocketPoster has allowed ASC Ticket Company to effortlessly list our entire inventory on eBay, interact with eBay customers, maximize sales on eBay, and earn consistently positive customer feedback.” – Lee Shenker, ASC Ticket Company

The benefits of RocketPoster include:

-Eliminates the pain of selling Event Tickets on eBay

-Compatible with all major Point of Sale providers

-Real-time rules processing engine provides unprecedented flexibility to control the inventory displayed on eBay

-The Order Flow Management module provides an unparalleled level of control over eBay orders. It provides the ability to view order details, confirm payments, assign shipment methods, generated discounted shipping labels and manage all client correspondence with the buyer

-API integration with the Order Flow module is available for real time order management and logistics processing RocketPoster is now part of a diverse product line to help ticket brokers maximize productivity and improve profit margins offered under the Ticket Utils name at

The full Ticket Utils ecommerce platform for powering eBay ticket listings includes:

RocketPoster, a multi-channel ecommerce solution for ticket brokers that simplifies the selling and distribution of tickets on eBay.

AutoSync, an industrial strength application that will instantly synchronize Point of Sale (POS) inventory files to each exchange without any manual intervention. The Double Sale Protection feature of AutoSync will automatically pull down recently sold eBay listings (within seconds of being sold on eBay) from more than 20 marketplaces and exchanges (including StubHub).

Seating Charts, the largest and most diverse licensable interactive and static seating chart catalog in the industry. Now includes interactive charts with virtual 3D section views.

Social Store, our social media integration for broadcasting and selling eBay ticket inventory on Facebook.

For more information about any of the products in the Ticket Utils ecommerce platform for powering eBay ticket listings, go to, email [email protected] or call 201-556-9090.

About Ticket Utils

Ticket Utils is a suite of software solutions for ticket brokers designed to drive innovation, increase productivity and reduce costs.