TicketNetwork is revolutionizing the secondary ticketing market again with its new Point of Sale Software (POS). For the first time ever, TicketNetwork’s POS will be integrated with StubHub’s API to provide brokers and retail customers alike with the best experience possible. According to Don Vaccaro, TicketNetwork CEO, “TicketNetwork needed to take the position that the consumer experience means more than short term profits. Having the brokers’ inventory on our competing exchanges raises the experience to a new level. We will continue to act in the best interest of the consumers rather than short term profits.”

With TicketNetwork POS 11, brokers are now able to automatically upload their inventory to StubHub, a division of eBay, Inc. (EBAY), from the TicketNetwork exchange. Brokers can govern ticket groups and pricing with ease, selectively choosing which tickets they would like to appear on both exchanges. Another advantage of integration is that when the tickets are sold from one exchange, the available inventory is updated in real-time on all the exchanges. By instantly updating inventory, the risk of double sales is decreased, making for a smoother ticket buying experience for both brokers and customers.

Djordje Jankovic, product manager for the POS stated, “At TicketNetwork, we strive to provide the best tool to brokers in the industry. I think the StubHub integration proves that. We are committed to helping ticket brokers be successful, because only successful brokers can drive the industry and TicketNetwork forward.” While StubHub and TicketNetwork are competitors in the marketplace, and it seems counterintuitive to help out your competition, by working together, everyone wins. Both brokers and consumers will save time—brokers, by having a one stop system to service all their ticket selling needs, and customers, by being able to see the largest and most accurate inventory in real-time. And, of course, TicketNetwork and StubHub win because happy brokers and happy customers mean more sales and profits. This completes the integration of ticket brokers’ inventory to every major seller, including Ticketmaster (LYV) resale (TicketsNow).

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TicketNetwork will begin Alpha testing their new point of sale system on December 15th of this year. The public release of the software is slated to roll out March 1st of 2014.