Dave Brooks, long-time journalist and live entertainment industry writer, is launching Amplify, a new media project covering the live entertainment industry.

Amplify will launch alongside The Real, an online daily guide to the events and live entertainment industry, also run by Brooks. The Real will go live on August 11, followed by the first print issue of Amplify, which will be released on Sept. 16.

Brooks is taking a unique approach to reporting about the industry by reaching out to events and live entertainment professionals directly to pitch story ideas for the content that will drive his project. Brooks hopes this approach will bring “more than one voice” to Amplify.

“Help us shape the direction of Amplify and develop a platform for the next generation of event and live entertainment professionals,” Brooks writes. “We’re looking for story ideas, news leads, quips, wild speculations…serious critiques, deep dive analysis and hard-nosed news,” he writes in his article One Voice is Not Enough.

Prior to starting Amplify, Brooks wrote for Venues Today for seven years, where he covered the live music and sports industry. Brooks is a standing figure in the live events industry, and has spoken at numerous industry conventions, including the leading annual conference for ticketing and live entertainment professionals, Ticket Summit®.

Brooks’ new venture is already generating interest from the live entertainment and ticketing industries. “Dave digs deep to get to the facts. This should be interesting to say the least” said Don Vaccaro, CEO of TicketNetwork.

Brooks’ excitement for exploring the live entertainment industry is what propelled him to create a new space in which to write about it. “I started Amplify because I wanted to turn up the volume for the event and live entertainment industry. I want to create a place where professionals can tell their own stories and shape their own message,” Brooks writes. “Ours is a story with a changing cast of characters and an infinite collection of new beginnings and endings.”