An internal error by ticket marketplace StubHub is causing a bit of chaos for fans of the MLS Atlanta United franchise. Individuals holding tickets for Saturday’s game against Orlando City received an email from StubHub that the game was canceled.

The only problem – it isn’t.

Due to the delayed opening of Mercedez-Benz Stadium, the team is continuing to play home games at Bobby-Dodd Stadium. This weekend’s contest was to be their first home game at the new facility, which will be shared with the Atlanta Falcons and other events. Due to the change in venue, fans who had purchased tickets through the reseller were told the ones they had were no good.

“StubHub proceeded to tell me that the event venue had been changed, and therefore they had to change all of the tickets and my tickets were no longer any good,” Renita Gibson told about her panicked call to the eBay-owned company upon receiving the email. “All they had available were tickets in the upper level, and the lower level where I had purchased tickets. And those were more expensive than what I had purchased from StubHub back in June.”

Obviously unhappy with this development, Gibson went directly to the team, finding out that the game is still on as planned (at the venue the team has played its contests at since the start of the season), and that her tickets are still valid.

When contacted by 11Alive, StubHub responded with the following statement:

StubHub treated this event as cancelled in error. We were informed that this is not the case and that all tickets are still valid. All tickets will be honored at the new date and place.

All buyers who received tickets do have valid tickets. All buyers and sellers have received an update via email with this information.

The story does not say how many Atlanta fans may have not had the presence of mind to call the franchise before purchasing another set of tickets after receiving the email. It also doesn’t say whether or not any who did take that step will receive refunds for doubling up on tickets due to the company’s error.

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