With a little more than a week to go before fight night, prices for the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight took a slip today.

For most of this week, the “get in” minimum for the much-hyped fight between the unbeaten boxer and the Irish MMA brawler has hovered around $2,000 on most exchanges. Today, however, that number has gone down across the board. Is it the first sign of a race to the bottom as those holding tickets look to make sure they’re not still holding inventory when the music stops on August 26th?

As has been the case all week, TicketClub has the lowest price among the exchanges for the Mayweather-McGregor fight, with a Section 208 seat going for $1,588, all-in due to the lack of per-ticket fees. That’s nearly $100 less than the “get in” price two days ago on the same exchange. A seat in the same row on VividSeats is the lowest base price on the market as of this morning, at $1,461, $1,826 after you factor in $365 worth of fees. StubHub’s cheapest offering is in Section 213 with a base of $1,500 and a final price of $1,805. There is also a 208 Row Q ticket there, going for a total of $1,872.

Much has been made of whether or not sales are going poorly or not on this fight. Promoters are pushing the fact that tickets have been sold in excess of $60 million already, but there is a lot of inventory still out there, both on the primary and secondary sales level. Tickets are certainly still moving – the fight has been No. 1 in the TicketNews Market Heat report more often than not all summer – but the possibility remains that we could see a steep drop in prices if speculators get nervous that they’ll be left holding very expensive scraps of paper in a little more than a week.

Mayweather-McGregor “Get-In” Prices: August 17


Section Row Base Fee All-In
213 Q $1,500 $305 $1,805
208 Q $1,556 $316 $1,872
209 P $1,587 $323 $1,910


Section Row Base Fee All-In
208 Q $1,461 $365 $1,826
211 P $1,464 $366 $1,830
209 P $1,489 $372 $1,861


Section Row Base Fee All-In
216 R $1,932 $444 $2,376
212 Q $2,000 $460 $2,460
218 N $2,057 $473 $2,531

Ticket Club

Section Row Base Fee All-In
208 Q $1,588 $0 $1,588
207 Q $1,628 $0 $1,628
201 K $1,639 $0 $1,639