We’re just five days away from Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Conor McGregor, the most publicized fight of the year- but potentially, not the most patronized. Prices for tickets just to get you into the arena on Saturday continue to slip, even on the resale platform of the primary seller.

In addition to a host of “verified resale tickets”, Ticketmaster also still has a good number of standard tickets for sale: a search for two tickets will render the customer over 100 options.

Stubhub prices in the upper level fell from approximately $1,700 to $1,600 over the weekend, and VividSeats prices stayed the same at $1,725. The cheapest tickets you could find on Ticketmaster resale on Friday went for $2,109. Today, there are some for as low as $1,785.

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The cheapest place to get tickets to the fight is still Ticket Club, specifically for members of the no-fee marketplace. A search for a pair of the best priced tickets fell from $1,500 in Section 208, Row Q on Friday to $1,454 in Section 211, Row H. Go 6 rows up in that same section and pay $3,500 base price + $308.41 in fees for a total of $3,808.41 on Ticketmaster.

So, for a fight that’s certainly not lacking in popularity, why such a lack in demand? Several factors have influenced the lower-than-expected ticket sales and continual decline in market price. One may be the inability to purchase tickets when the hype was at its highest: tickets didn’t go on sale until Monday, July 24- that’s over a full month after the fight was announced, and just a month before the event.

Another could be the difficulty in purchasing. When tickets did go on sale, they were released first through Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program, in which customers have to provide their information weeks beforehand to be entered for a chance to receive a code. This code then gives them the ability to purchase tickets, but does not guarantee them. So basically, you sign up for a chance to get a code that gives you a chance to buy tickets. For a program meant to simplify ticket sales, it seems in reality to be quite the hassle.

Greed and exclusivity is coming from all sides in this situation, as well. Travel and hotel rates surged for the weekend of the fight, likely causing those who did get a chance to purchase to second-guess the total premium it would cost to attend. The couch is looking more appealing by the dollar…

As the week goes on, it will be interesting to see how low these prices will fall, and on Saturday, whether the built-up event will even be able to draw a full arena. See the full pricing chart for the cheapest seats below.

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Mayweather-McGregor Pricing Update: August 21

Section Row Base Fee All In
211 R $1,348 $275 $1,623
220 Q $1,348 $275 $1,623
215 R $1,349 $275 $1,624
Section Row Base Fee All In
203 M $1,380 $345 $1,725
207 P $1,380 $345 $1,725
207 R $1,380 $345 $1,725
Section Row Base Fee All In
216 R $1,452 $334 $1,785
213 L $1,564 $360 $1,924
212 Q $1,657 $381 $2,039
Ticket Club
Section Row Base Fee All In
211 H $1,454 $0 $1,454
213 P $1,479 $0 $1,479
211 L $1,577 $0 $1,577