It’s Friday, and the highly anticipated matchup between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor that everyone’s been talking about is now just a day away. The trend in ticket sales has proven, however, that just because everyone’s talking does not mean everyone’s buying.

“Get-in” prices- meaning the cheapest tickets we could find for any seats in the arena- are lower today than ever before for tomorrow’s big fight. Promoters shot for the moon on the pricing, but the demand simply didn’t match what they had hoped. In a last-ditch effort to sell the hundreds of seats still available on the primary, Ticketmaster removed all of their resale inventory yesterday, allowing their customers only to purchase unsold face value tickets.

Now, even secondary sites are scrambling to sell what’s left with a significant price drop in existing tickets. StubHub’s cheapest pair are down from $1,912 to $1,591, VividSeats’ from $1,823 to $1,528, and Ticket Club’s from $1,581 to $1,315. It seems good things came to those who waited on buying seats for tomorrow’s Vegas event.

As prices below show, secondary is obviously the way to go for catching some good deals in the last 24 hours leading up to the fight. The only thing that should be kept in mind is making sure to work out proper ticket pickup plans; Ticketmaster’s stringent ticketing policy for this event states as follows:

“Only the credit card holder will be permitted to pick up the tickets. Name changes will not be allowed. Guests must have a valid government issued ID along with the credit card used for purchase. NO EXCEPTIONS. All guests must have a commemorative ticket to gain entry into the event”.

Clearly, Ticketmaster is trying to scare customers out of taking their business to the better-priced secondary sites. However, if promoters want the venue even close to full for this event, it would be in everyone’s best interest not to turn away paying customers over technicalities.

See the full pricing list for tomorrow’s fight below, and if the impulse strikes, grab the cheapest tickets from no-fee membership site

Mayweather-McGregor Pricing Update: August 25, 2017

Section Row Base Fee All In
203 L $1,300 $291 $1,591
227 N $1,300 $291 $1,591
226 E $1,325 $297 $1,622
Section Row Base Fee All In
208 L $1,222 $306 $1,528
227 L $1,232 $308 $1,540
208 M $1,257 $314 $1,571
Section Row Base Fee All In
226 L $2,500 $575 $3,075
101 M $2,500 $575 $3,075
105 Q $2,500 $575 $3,075
Ticket Club
Section Row Base Fee All In
208 L $1,315 $0 $1,315
227 K $1,316 $0 $1,316
227 L $1,326 $0 $1,326

Last Updated on August 25, 2017

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