Football fans out west can attend tonight’s NFL matchup at Levi’s Stadium, where the San Francisco 49ers will host the newly relocated Los Angeles Rams, for less than it will cost them to park the car. Seats in the 400-level sections average at $85-$95 on the primary market (not including the approximate $2k price of a PSL), but are available by the dozens for as low as $21 on

While great news for those planning to watch at home who now know they can get in for pocket change, this cannot please the 49ers’ ownership. The team moved to the brand new, $1.3 billion Levi’s Stadium just three years ago, but have faced a slew of issues ever since. Traffic in and around the stadium parking lots- which cost $40 to use- have had cars waiting as long as two hours to exit after a game. The turf had to be ripped up and replaced after only two preseason games their first year, and has been causing problems ever since. Poor structural planning made for a lack of shade and some scalding hot seats on sunnier days.

Finally, the team itself is not performing too well- they were one of the worst in the league last year, and are currently 0-2. The Rams are 1-1, and the game is on a Thursday night at peak rush hour. It’s unsurprising that attendance is underwhelming, but at a quarter of the asking price, this makes tonight’s tickets the cheapest they’ve been since the team moved to the new stadium, according to TicketIQ’s Ralph Garcia in an interview with SFGate. He added that the average 49ers ticket-resale price had dropped 32% since 2014.

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Nevertheless, the 49ers are still ranked by Forbes as the fifth most valuable team in the league at $3.05 billion. However, the team’s annual change in value was the second smallest in the NFL, at just two percent.

While it may not be the most exciting of games- neither in team performance nor stadium atmosphere- those willing to spare a $20 should take advantage of this all-time low ticket price. To buy secondary without added fees, check out the benefits of a membership with Ticket Club, where there are still swaths of cheap seats up for grabs.