Aerosmith announced this afternoon via Steven Tyler’s Twitter account that they would be forced to cancel this and next week’s tour dates in South America. They cite “unexpected medical issues” suffered by lead singer Steven Tyler as the reason for the cancellation.

The legendary American rock and roll band has been on the road all spring and summer for their farewell AeroVederci Baby! tour, which kicked off in Tel Aviv in May and most recently touched down in São Paulo, Brazil. The cancelled shows in Curitiba, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Rosario, Argentina; and Monterrey, Mexico were the last four stops scheduled on the tour, but the way the band members spoke of the tour suggested it would go on as long as age and energy level would allow.

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Tyler “is seeking immediate care and has been advised by his doctors that he cannot travel or perform at this time”, the band tells fans in the social media post. “Steven is expected to make a full recovery. With proper rest and treatment he will be back on his feet soon rocking the world”.

Tyler shared a personal message to his fans, specifically in the affected cities, as well. “To everybody in South America…I’m very sorry and I feel like I’ve let you down”. He went on to assure them that “I am not in a life threatening condition, but I need to deal with this right away…in order to sustain and maintain my future performances…I promise I’ll be back”.

When the farewell AeroVederci tour was still just an idea, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry told fans: “I mean, we all know our age is creeping up on us, but, man, we’ve tried to follow the lead of the original blues guys and the early rockers and just keep playing ’til we drop, y’know? We all have different feelings about it. I do have a feeling that there’ll be a tour that we’ll call the final tour — but when will it end? That I can’t say.”

Aerosmith thanks their fans for their understanding and support, and promises them to “be back with you soon”.

No announcements have yet been made about refunds or rescheduling.