In news that came as a bit shocking to this relatively casual fan of football (soccer) – Atlanta United are one of the world’s top season tickets to have a piece of, according to Bleacher Report.

The piece, penned by Sam Tighe, ranks the 25 most desireable season tickets to have across the landscape of world football – which, given the wild popularity of the sport across most of the globe, is a fairly significant rating to hold. The top tier is as one might expect:

5. Napoli (Serie A, Italy)
4. Manchester City (Premier League, England)
3. Barcalona (La Liga, Spain)
2. Bayern Munich (Bundasliga, Germany)
1. Borussia Dortmund (Bundasliga, Germany)

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European and South American teams dominate, but Major League Soccer got one of the spots on the Top 25 – with Atlanta landing at No. 23:

Atlanta United broke several attendance records in their maiden MLS season. A ridiculous 71,874 watched their draw with Toronto FC, per ESPN; the stadium capacity has to be there, but interest does too.

The carnival atmosphere undoubtedly helped push the team into the playoffs at the first time of asking, and in Josef Martinez, they have a star up top, while Julian Gressell has just been named Rookie of the Year.

It just looks an incredibly fun place to be.

For an American franchise to land anywhere on a list of top draws worldwide is an encouraging sign for soccer (football) here in the states. For Atlanta fans and season ticket holders, it’s a validation of their investment – at least for the time being.

According to the article, the rankings were weighed across several standards – quality of football, atmosphere, likelihood of a win (for the home team), league standard, and price.

Obviously any such listing is going to come with it tremendous amounts of subjectivity. One of our colleague’s scoffed at the pair of Bundasliga teams atop the chart, but he regularly wears Lionel Messi kit, which shows the danger in ranking anything.