Jay-Z performed to thousands of fans at a packed Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio this past Sunday night. Local news site WFMY reported that a few hundred of them were foster kids and parents, adopted children, aged out youth, birth parents and supporters who attended the show for free thanks to #FosterCare and Roc Nation.

Kevinee Gilmore, a self-identified digital activist, social impact brand ambassador, housing developer, and foster mom, started the hashtag foster care movement in order to raise more awareness to the system and “engage a whole new set of eyes”. Her Instagram, @hashtagfostercare, often shares pictures of herself and the various celebrities who support her cause holding up a #fostercare sign across her home city of Cleveland.


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So naturally, when Gilmore met Mrs. Perez, the COO of Jay-Z’s entertainment company Roc Nation, she told her all about the work she does with the foster system and the celebrities and politicians she’s gotten on board. Mrs. Perez then told Gilmore that she wanted to give her free tickets for when Jay-Z came to Cleveland.


Mrs. Perez, on behalf of Jay-Z and Roc Nation, provided Gilmore with 300 tickets that were distributed to Cleveland residents involved in the foster system. When the Town Hall in Ohio City heard about the generous act, they decided to host a pre-concert get-together with free food, a shuttle to and from the venue, and VIP treatment.

“Thanksgiving is coming around and a lot of them will be depressed, they will be in a state of depression,” Gilmore said. “At least this is something that’s memorable, that they had a good time.”

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