Eagles and Patriots fans looking to be savvy spenders on Super Bowl LII tickets are in luck. Prices have plummeted since the Philadelphia-New England matchup was set, and the numbers speak for themselves. The cheapest offerings from Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats and Stubhub all hovered around $4k at 10:oo AM Thursday, a significant drop from initial prices in the $5000-6000 range Monday, but not exactly the best deal on the market either. Secondary seller Ticket Club, which eliminates hefty service charges for its members, guarantees a seat for just over $3400, an impressive $600 savings from the competitors’ lowest price.

Super Bowl LII Per-Ticket Minimum Price

Ticketmaster StubHub Vivid Seats Ticket Club
10AM Mon $6,349.00 $5,884.00 $5,884.00 $4,496.00
5PM Mon $5,529.00 $5,583.00 $5,637.00 $4,190.00
10AM Tues $4,295.36 $4,205.25 $4,236.96 $3,781.50
5PM Tues $4461.95 $4264.08 $4317.48 $3679.50
10AM Wed $4422.42 $3992.50 $4230.28 $3525.50
5PM Wed $4503.00 $4142.50 $4131.17 $3419.50
10AM Thur $4308.66 $4082.50 $4034.78 $3403.50

Despite this week’s drastic decline in list price, buyers still have the issue of tacking on hundreds in extra fees at checkout. A pair of seats in Row 6 of Section 330 rings up to a total of $8617 via Ticketmaster, whereas those same exact seats cost a Ticket Club member $1205 less with out service fees–a steal that could cover other hospitality and nearby hotel packages.

Even those willing to splurge on a great seat location can be pleased with the tumbling prices this week, as lower end zone seats in Section 141 range from $4300 to $4900 across all sites, far less than the minimum nosebleed price only days ago.

With a decreasing price trend apparent, will more football fans decide to wait it out and give into a last-minute impulse buy tickets? Or is a price spike in the cards as more seats continue to go for cheap? We’ll continue monitoring the prices throughout the day while the market continues to fluctuate and fans decide whether or not to pull their trigger on the trip to Minneapolis.