FIFA presented the new 2018 Russia World Cup ticket design last week, which includes personalized information, holograms, and special barcode security features.

Match-related information, like the stadium, date, and time, are printed on each ticket, along with details on the category, and information on how to find the assigned seat, along with a map to find where the seat is located. Additionally, each ticket will be secure for the sole buyer as security elements are in full force; a security barcode, as well as the name of the ticket holder will be printed on the ticket. Check out the ticket design below:

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When entering the stadium, fans must have a valid ticket, their Fan ID, and must have been registered by the ticket purchaser. FIFA said that an additional electronic ticket validation will be implemented to help identify cancelled or counterfeit tickets.

Those who purchased tickets during the first and second sale phases can expect to receive their tickets delivered free of charge in the weeks leading up to the tournament. Fans who bought tickets during the last-minute sale phases will be able to pick up their tickets from the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centres, which will be open starting April 18.

Although tickets are still available, FIFA reports that only tickets from their official site are valid — any tickets from other sources will be cancelled. FIFA has obtained a preliminary injunction against ticketing site Viagogo for offering speculative ticket listings.

The final sales phase will take place on April 18 at 11:00 CET/12:00 Moscow time at Fans must also keep in mind that the Fan ID is required for entry, and adds benefits in the host country such as a visa-free entry into Russia.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia will begin on June 14 and run through July 15.