Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival in June offers a number of unique perks for its “golden ticket” – daily pampering, horseback riding, and a personal chef among them – if you happen to have $1 million lying around.

This is the most expensive and exclusive festival pass in the world, and only a single one is up for grabs. The ticket includes: Welcome Villa party with unlimited champagne and a private chef who will prepare Icelandic delicacies, a ‘private glam squad’ to provide hair, makeup and grooming everyday during the festival, a mini 66North hotel pop-up to have VIP personal shopping experience, a private World Cup viewing party that is catered to yourself and friends, premium luggage, and a round trip to Iceland in a private jet for up to six people from anywhere on Earth.

Not quite that flush with cash? Don’t fret, there are other VIP ticket options too. The Package of the Gods ticket runs $12,500 and an Oðinn pass is $1,519. Oðinn includes perks like an Oðinn pop-up lounge and complimentary drinks throughout the festival. While the Package of the Gods includes everything that Oðinn does, it also offers helicopter transfers to glaciers and lava tunnels, access to all side party events, accommodation for two, private dining experience, and more.

Then, comes the more realistic tickets: a standard festival pass is $175, standard pass plus camping is $230, and a VIP festival pass with camping is $374. These tickets don’t offer anything but the ability to enjoy the music over the course of four days — but isn’t that what it’s all about?

This is the fifth time the Secret Solstice Festival, also dubbed ‘Midnight Sun Music Festival,’ will be held in Reykjavik, taking place from June 21 and 24. What makes this festival so special from others throughout the summer is the 96 hours of straight sunlight – the longest days of the year when the sun almost never sets in the country.

Secret Solstice is also offering side events “Into The Glacier 2018” and “The Lava Tunnel 2018.” Only 120 guests will be allowed into the glacier – which includes a short tour of the glacier cave system, two alcoholic drinks, and a performance by the music artist TBC. The lava tunnel is only limited to 50 people, where concertgoers can explore a 5,200 year old lava tunnel, with special performances from guest artists.

The lineup includes headlining U.S. artists Slayer, Gucci Mane, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, and Steve Aoki, along with U.K. stars Stormzy, Clean Bandit, Bonnie Tyler, J Hus, and Skream. The hottest music acts from Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, and Canada will also make appearances.

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So, if you’re feeling like splurging a little, check out the festival packages on the Secret Solstice Festival website. Or, just add it to your bucket list and hope that one day you’ll be wealthy enough to make it.

The full lineup is listed below.

Secret Solstice Lineup:

Slayer [US]
Stormzy [UK]
Gucci Mane [US]
Clean Bandit [UK]
Bonnie Tyler [UK]
Death From Above [CA]
Steve Aoki [US]
George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic [US]
Jet Black Joe [IS]
6lack [US]
GoldLink [US]
J Hus [UK]
Charlotte de Witte [BE]
Skream [UK]
Kollektiv Turmstrasse [DE]
A-Trak [US]
Masego [US]
Högni [IS]
Gentleman’s Dub Club [UK]
Agent Fresco [IS]
Ali Love [UK]
Alvia [IS]
Andrea Jóns [IS]
Aron Can [IS]
Artwork [UK]
Ása [IS]
Bensol [IS]
Between Mountains [IS]
Birgir [IS]
Birgir Hákon [IS]
Birnir [IS]
Captain Syrup [IS]
Carla Rose [IS]
CasaNova [IS]
Casio Fatso [IS]
Cell7 [IS]
Cosmic Bullshit [IS]
DJ Frímann [IS]
DJ Karítas [IS]
Dream Wife [UK/IS]
Droog [US]
Earthgang [US]
Egyptian Lover [US]
Elli Grill [IS]
Ern [US]
Fever Dream [IS]
Flóni [IS]
For A Minor Reflection [IS]
Fox Train Safari [IS]
Geisha Cartel [IS]
Gísli Pálmi [IS]
Godchilla [IS]
Grúska Babúska [IS]
GusGus (DJ) [IS]
Helgi B X Igna [IS]
Hildur [IS]
Holmar [IS]
Huginn [IS]
Indigo Theory [HU]
J.I.D [US]
J.Phlip [US]
Joey Christ [IS]
John Acquaviva [CA]
Johnny And The Rest [IS]
JóiPé X Króli [IS]
Kilo [IS]
Klose One [UK]
KrBear [IS]
Landaboi$ [IS]
Logi Pedro [IS]
Maher Daniel [CA]
MARBS (Desert Hearts) [US]
Marco Faraone [IT]
Matt Tolfrey [UK]
Mighty Bear [IS]
Mike The Jacket [IS]
Mushy [UK]
Nitin [CA]
Petre Inspirescu [RO]
Pink Street Boys [IS]
Ragga Hólm [IS]
Raresh [RO]
The Retro Mutants [IS]
Reykjavíkurdætur [IS]
Rhadoo [RO]
Ryan Crosson [US]
Rythmatik [IS]
Shaun Reeves [US]
Skaði [IS]
Sprite Zero Klan [IS]
Stuðmenn [IS]
Sturla Atlas [IS]
Sura [IS]
Sweaty Records [IS]
Sylvia [IS]
Una Stef [IS]
Une Miseré [IS]
Úlfur Úlfur [IS]
Vala CruNk [IS]
Valby Bræður [IS]
Valdimar [IS]
Vicky [IS]
Vio [IS]
Vök [IS]
We Made God [IS]
Young Karin [IS]
Yung Nigo Drippin [IS]