Vinnie Vincent, former KISS guitarist, had to postpone a pair of shows in Tennessee this December so the promoter has more time to schedule and work out logistics.

The acoustic shows were set to take place on December 7 and 8 at Graceland in Memphis. However, the gigs have been moved to February 8 and 9, 2019 in Nashville.

“Vinnie is ready to rock and roll and is disappointed by the postponement, but we needed extra time to add and confirm additional guests for the show,” promoter Derek Christopher said in a statement. “We wanted to make sure it’s done right.”

During the rescheduled show, Vincent will be joined by an all-star band which includes drummer Carmine Appice, known for performances with Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck, along with Tony Franklin of Jimmy Page and The Firm on bass. While tickets will be honored at the new dates, refunds are also available at point of purchase. He will play songs from his time in KISS and Vinnie Vincent Invasion.

Vincent just returned to the music scene this year, announcing the December concerts back in July. His last show with Vinnie Vincent Invasion was in 1988, and there are now reportedly talks of a show with lead vocalist Robert Fleischman. According to Sleazeroxx, Fleischman said he doesn’t know if he’d be able to fully give an electric performance now, claiming, “I can’t run as fast as I could then, I don’t fit in the same pants.”

“To expect me to just go up there and wail, I just don’t see myself doing that,” Fleischman said. “I could do some songs but [others] I probably couldn’t do because I’m an old guy now.”

Ultimate Classic Rock reported that Vincent is talking about returning to the road, and it’s a possibility that he will tour for the first time in 30 years in 2019.

“I’ve been talking to promoters, and they want to get Vinnie on the shred circuit again,” he told Backstage Axxes. “We’re looking at hopefully January, February, March. It’s taking a while, but we’re getting everything in order and ready to rock. I’m looking forward to it.”

Last Updated on April 3, 2022