Super Bowl LIII is officially only two days away and fans have to make a last-minute decision if they want to watch the game live at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

As a football fan, you’ve spent the past five months obsessing over your team’s stats, every bad call the referees made, your fantasy league, and finally, who made it to the Super Bowl. By now you know, the New England Patriots will represent the AFC and the Los Angeles Rams will represent the NFC this Sunday in Atlanta.

For most people, this weekend will result in an evening with friends and family huddled around the flat screen to see which team will become reigning champion. However, for the most enthusiastic fans, a lot of time and effort has been spent finding the best deals to watch Super Bowl LIII from the grand stands.

TFL and ATBS for ticketing professionals

Even before the playoff pairings for the NFL regular season were finalized, the ticket market for the Super Bowl was heating up. Preliminary analysis indicated that the best place to find the cheapest Super Bowl tickets across various secondary ticketing marketplaces was; with a close second.

Every day since, we’ve compared the best get-in prices for Super Bowl LIII. Despite the ever changing supply and demand, we found that Ticket Club and ZeroMarkup remained the best priced marketplaces to purchase Super Bowl tickets.

See the lowest get-in prices for a single ticket recorded from Friday, December 21, 2018 to Friday, February 1, 2019 below:


Lowest Get-In Price For A Single Ticket By Site From 12/24/18 – 2-1/19

Website 12/21/18

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12/28/18 1/4/19 1/11/19 Peak 1/18/19 1/25/19 2/1/19


Ticket Club $3,650 $3,593.99 $3,619.99 $3,672.99 $3,514.99 $2,972 $2,620.99
ZeroMarkup $3,718.5 $3,661.5 $3,670 $3,724 $3,563 $2,972 $2,586.50
NFL OLE $4,450 $4,450 $4,205 $4,697 $4,136 $3,167 $2,670
StubHub $4,975.68 $4,913.74 $4,590.68 $5,078.68 $4,639.48 $3,033.67 $2,919.83
Ticketmaster $5,580 $5,460 $5,220 $5,700 $5,400 $3,534 $2,940

Ticket Club and ZeroMarkup have proven to offer the best deals for tickets to the game on every Friday since December 21. The average offer for the lowest listing price settled around 4,000 across the resale ticket board. Even when ticket prices soared leading up to the Conference Championship, the lowest listing price on these two sites never went higher than $3,673.

Now that ticket prices have dropped dramatically, the lowest get-in price on average as of Friday, 2/1 is $2,747.46.  As expected, the best deal is found on ZeroMarkup listed for $2,586.50 followed by Ticket Club listed for $2,620.99.

To stay above the price curve, shopping on Ticket Club and ZeroMarkup allows consumers to find the tickets they want, while eliminating hidden services fees. If you’re looking to place your order last minute for Super Bowl LIII tickets, you will find the most savings here.

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