Fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers are feeling scammed after buying VIP tickets to a show in New Zealand just to get pushed to the side of the stage in a “cattle cage.”

The show, which took place at Auckland’s Spark Arena on Friday night, sold VIP tickets for $450. While this seemed pricey, fans were excited to be close to the stage. Ahead of the gig, Live nation provided a site map that indicated the front section was reserved strictly for VIP admission. However, concertgoers who spent $300 less for a general admission ticket occupied the front of the stage while VIP ticket holders had to watch from a “caged-off area” to the far side of the stage.

One die-hard fan, Kelly Whitman, told Daily Mail Australia that she was in disbelief when she and her partner were told to go to the side of the stage in a separate area. The mother-of-two said she saved up all her spare change to spend $900 on these tickets, just to end up in a worse position than general admission ticket buyers.

“We were so far pushed over we stood in front of the spotlights all night, our view was obstructed and only a couple of times did anybody from the band come over that far,” Whitman said.

In addition, Whitman purchased a $40 Live Nation goodie bag that was supposed to be handed out the day of the concert, but the staff claimed they were unaware of the handouts.

“If you’re going to sell tickets at that price, follow through with that you advertise,” she continued. “Be truthful. Some people like myself don’t have a lot of money. Or at least advise if there are changes.”

Whitman, along with other frustrated concertgoers, were given a free drink coupon as an apology from the venue.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are set to play in Giza, Egypt at The Great Pyramids of Giza on March 15. Throughout the summer, they’ll play a round of music festivals including Summer Sonic in Japan, Singapore’s Grand Prix, Rock In Rio, and Ohana Festival in California.