Whitney Houston was an iconic soul and R&B singer in the music industry and was named as one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Now, fans will get the chance to see the late artist as her hologram heads out on a tour next year via BASE Hologram.

The tour, dubbed “An Evening With Whitney,” will visit audiences in early 2020 and will include master recordings of the late singer, as well as a live band and backup singers to perform on stage with the hologram. Fans are likely to hear Whitney’s hits like “Saving All My Love For You,” “I Will Always Love You,” and “Where Do Broken Hearts Go.” BASE Hologram has partnered with Whitney’s estate, and sister-in-law Pat Houston, to bring the idea to fruition.

Brian Becker, BASE Hologram CEO, told Billboard that Pat and the estate are “side by side with us” during each step of the process.

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“We’re in the studio now on the set shooting,” Becker said. “It’s very important for us to have their input. They take this responsibility very seriously, as do we. It’s great to collaborate with them.”

Pat explained in a press release that Whitney adored her fans and she would have “loved this holographic theatrical concept.”

“An event at this level is something special, and BASE Hologram’s track record to be fully authentic and respectful made them the perfect partner. This upcoming tour will allow audiences to experience Whitney’s amazing voice and passion for music for a long time to come and help them share that magic with future generations.”

The music video director and choreographer Fatima Robinson will act as the creative director for Houston’s tour; previously, Robinson has worked with big-name artists like Michael Jackson, The Black Eyes Peas, and Mary J. Blige. Becker said that the shows take between nine to 12 months to put together, and he’s been working with Pat and Robinson for a while. It’s important that the show is authentic and interpretive, while also being respectful and celebratory, Becker explained, noting that “it’s good to have a couple sets of eyes to make sure you’re doing that within the context of what represents the artist best.”

BASE Hologram received harsh criticism late last year after announcing a three-year hologram tour to commemorate Amy Winehouse. Amy’s father Mitch shared the news, writing that it was a “dream for us” to be able to see his daughter perform again, even as a hologram. However, her fans took a negative approach to the tour, expressing how Amy would have hated something like this. While the tour was supposed to kick-off in 2019, it has been halted due to “some unique challenges and sensitivities.”

“An Evening With Whitney” is the latest hologram tour to be announced — next year, holograms of Roy Orbinson, Buddy Holly, and Maria Callas will cross the country.

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