Cardi B fans are itching to see the rap star headline a tour of her own, but the singer explained why that probably won’t happen anytime soon.

In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, Cardi B lashed out on people “who are not fans,” explaining to them why she doesn’t tour.

“Let’s say if I go on tour and I do 600K a night right… sounds good but let’s get in the touring business shall we?” she wrote. “Stage production gotta be massive since the fans pay massive so just on stage and production I will have to put about 450K maybe more a night since you know BardiGang deserve everything. Don’t forget outfit, makeup, hair, I’ll be left with like 150K a night.”

While this seems like a good payout, it’s inevitable that she’ll make more money at a festival or one-off show rather than a single stop on tour. According to a chart she shared with the Instagram post, she makes at least $300,000 per festival appearance. This past June, she earned $300,000 playing a gig at Las Vegas’ Palms Resort & Casino, $400,000 playing Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee, and $500,000 when she performed at Los Angeles’ STAPLES Center. Then, she topped those earnings by making $750,000 playing Longitude Festival in Ireland and Wireless in Germany and the UK, as well as a whopping $900,000 playing Openair Frauenfeld in Switzerland. From June to August, she’s expected to bring in around $10 million.

“Now why would I do that now when I can go on tour on my second album while I got festival and independent Cardi concerts money?” she continued in the post. “Mhhhmmm.. You see ya might think I’m dumb cause my attitude or the way I think but one thing bout Bardi I loveee money and I know how to make it… I hope I answer ya question…Thank you. Just stop it already.”

It’s no secret that Cardi B has quickly risen to fame – from her days as an exotic dancer to living frivolously after the release of her debut breakthrough LP Invasion of Privacy. It’s also no secret that she loves a good paycheck — just listen to the lyrics behind any of her hits like “Bodak Yellow,” “Get Up 10,” “Money Bag,” and “Money.”

While fans will likely have to wait to see Cardi B on tour when she releases a new record, she’s also slated to appear at a few shows this year. She’ll perform at the Mid City State Fair in Paso Robles, California this weekend, followed by appearances in Tulsa, Wichita, Lincoln, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Charlottesville before appearing at Veld Music Festival in Toronto. This fall, she’ll continue with sets at the Real Street Festival in Anaheim, Made In America Festival in Philly, Austin City Limits in Texas, and Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta.

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