“Florida man caught illegally feeding wild alligator resists arrest: “He’s a good boy…and he loves bagels” 

“Florida man punches ATM for giving him too much cash” 

“Florida man arrested for having sex with pit bull in yard as neighbors pleaded with him to stop” 

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These are just a few of the ridiculous headlines pointing toward the “Florida Man,” a nation-wide phenomenon portraying the most wild stories that take place in “The Sunshine State.” In an attempt to bring this conversation to light, Michael Presley Bobbitt has created the play Florida Man, which will debut off-Broadway later this month.

The play has its own headline to capture the attention of potential theatre-goers: “A Florida man, racked with guilt, digs up his dead father to give him the proper Viking Funeral he always wanted.”

Bobbit, a commercial real estate agent who also dabbles as a playwright and board member at the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre, is known for the 2018 Off-Broaodway show Sunset Village, which delves into the underground drug and sex culture at a swinging retirement home in Florida. He told Broadway World that Florida Man is a “comedic odyssey” which “explores some of the deeper human issues that affect us all – that exploration coming partially in the form of a jelly-donged homemade sex machine.”

“I am in the throes of a long-term, obsessive love affair with Florida,” Bobbit told the Miami Herald. “Its history and folklore possess my imagination in an unhealthy way. I especially appreciate what we locals call the real Florida – off the beaten path, far from Disney World and condos on the beach. Even now, in 2019, there are parts of Florida that remain wild, untamed, a dwindling American frontier that I am keen to chronicle and archive before it fades into the creeping sprawl that sucks the life out of a place.”

He explained that he wrote Florida Man to show that the outrageous headlines “do not accurately represent us,” noting that “they’re fun to read, but they paint a cartoonish portrait of our great state, one that revels in the surface-weird without digging down into the truly bizarre guts of this wild place.”

Florida Man will kick-off its Off-Broadway debut at the Theater Row on W. 42nd Street in New York City on July 31 as a part of the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival. Grab tickets here.

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