A non-profit organization in Iowa was promoting a show featuring Neil Young as the headlining performer, but after people started to take a closer look at the event, Young was removed from the lineup.

The Artisan’s Sanctuary, a non-profit in Marion, was promoting the “Woodstock Revisited” concert in honor of Woodstock’s 50th anniversary, at Klopfenstein Amphitheater in Lowe Park. Organizers noted that the event included a 30-minute set from Young with tickets for $20. However, the event was not listed under Young’s upcoming concerts list on his website, and his staff were unaware of the concert. Currently, Young is touring in Europe.

Jim Jacobmeyer, president of the organization, told The Gazette that he booked Young through Motown Records and was working with someone named Doris Ramey. However, The Gazette investigated and found that the website Jacobmeyer gave does not exist and calls to Motown Records went unanswered on Wednesday. However, 700 people had already bought tickets to the show, and the organization noted that 2,500 people were expected to attend, Jacobmeyer said.

As of yesterday, the Artisan’s Sanctuary confirmed that Young would not be performing and another act will replace him.

“I just received an email from Lookout Management saying they are the sole representatives of Neil Young and that Neil is not scheduled to perform at our event,” Jacobmeyer told The Gazette. “I will pass along this info to the general public and refund any ticket sales that were made based on Neil Young’s performance. We will replace him with another artist.”

However, as of Friday morning, the Eventbrite listing still shows Young as the “special guest artist.” Interested attendees are confused and expressed their concerns on the Facebook event page. When one concertgoer asked for an explanation, The Artisan’s Sanctuary responded that refunds are available on Eventbrite.

“It will be a wonderful event with 6 hours of live music,” the organization wrote in a comment. “Neil supposedly would have played an acoustic set for 30 minutes. Please don’t let this cancellation deter you from coming out to a wonderful tribute event!”

The concert, which is slated to kick-off at 4 p.m., is supposed to feature artists Moving Targets, Boy Scout Hippies, Zoot Newt, 7 Minutes ‘Till Midnight, Beaker Bros, and Winterland.