Los Angeles Galaxy and Los Angeles FC are slated to face each other tonight in a highly-anticipated match at Dignity Health Tennis Center. However, ahead of the match, hundreds of tickets have been cancelled, which fans are say happened because of an ‘unjust bias.’

On Wednesday, a statement was released from the LAFC’s Independent Support’s Union, The 3252, on their social media page. According to the union, the LA Galaxy front office began to cancel hundreds of tickets for Friday’s match just 48 hours ahead of the event.

“These cancellations are affecting youth soccer players and their families, casual fans and staunch supports alike,” the statement read. “These actions affect both Galaxy and LAFC fans. We anticipate more tickets to be invalidated, with similar lack of cause, until match kick-off.

“We hoped a club that loves to tout the year of their inception would be able to properly prepare to host a burgeoning rivalry match, but the level of negligence the host club has shown borders on incompetence,” the club continued, writing that these actions are a “disservice to the continued growth of the league.”

The LA Galaxy released a statement to reporters, claiming that an “amateur” partner had transferred tickets to 3552 in the Galaxy supporter section.

“A number of tickets were cancelled due to safety and security concerns,” the team said. “A fraudulent amateur partner transferred tickets to 3252 in the LA Galaxy supporters’ section. Due to safety concerns and an inability to relocate these buyers these tickets were refunded.”

While Galaxy supporters are pointing fingers at LAFC, saying that supporters purchased tickets while posing as a youth soccer team to get tickets to the game, other soccer fans are claiming that the youth soccer team is legitimate and supports both teams. People discussed the potential possibilities on Twitter, which led to conflicting arguments.


The game between LAFC and LA Galaxy will take place tonight at 10 p.m.

Last Updated on July 19, 2019