Rapper A$AP Rocky, who has been jailed in Sweden for the last several weeks, was released from prison and allowed to return to the U.S. this morning, TMZ reported.

Rocky was sent to a detention center about a month ago in Stockholm for an altercation which occurred where he allegedly beat another man in a street brawl. According to the victim, Rocky assaulted him by kicking and beating him with a glass bottle while he was on the ground. The rapper pleaded not guilty, claiming that himself and his associates Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers were acting in self defense.

Swedish prosecutors reportedly wanted him to spend six months in prison for assault charges, noting that “we have three people delivering kicks and punches to a person lying down.” However, a pair of eyewitnesses told the court that they did not see Rocky use any sort of bottle as a weapon during the altercation in question, and according to Rocky’s lawyer, there was no evidence that the bottle hit the victim.

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Many artists called for his release from the detention center including A$AP Ferg and Tyga, who cancelled his concert in Sweden in support of Rocky. Additionally, President Donald Trump called for Rocky’s release and even reached out to the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. While he was jailed, Rocky had to call off his performance at Barcelona’s Sonar Festival

Two other defendants that were jailed with Rocky were also released since the judge did not find them as a flight risk. They are able to return home to the U.S. while he is awaiting a verdict, which is expected on August 14.