A former music director, known for his work on “The Arsenio Hall Show,” pleaded guilty to embezzling $750,000 from a charity to pay off his own debts, the NY Daily News reports.

According to NY Daily, Robin Dimmagio was convicted of fraud after he used stolen money from an organization to pay alimony to his ex wife and buy cars for his mother and son, a U.S. attorney in Los Angeles said last week.

The filings show that DiMaggio embezzled money from a concert which was organized by the Peace for You Peace for Me Foundation – a non-profit which aims to raise money for homeless children. The concert was set to take place in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.

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While DiMaggio told the organization that he would be able to secure several celebrities for the event, he instead transferred a $750,000 payment from the organization into his personal bank account for his own use. The plea agreement says that he confessed to the sire transfer and used over $200,000 to purchase a home for his e-wife in Calabasas and $35,000 to purchase a car for his mother along with a $24,000 car for his son. Meanwhile, none of the money went towards securing celebrities for the concert in Bulgaria.

DiMaggio now faces up to 20 years in prison. He must await his sentencing trial on March 4, 2020.