The Miami Dolphins are hoping to hold onto as many season ticket holders as they can by offering some incentives for next season.

Last week, season ticket holders received an email from team president Tom Garfinkel, who personally thanked fans, noting that he is “continually impressed and appreciative of our passionate, resilient, and loyal fan base.” In an attempt to boost hope within fans, the team will offer a party – possibly In Las Vegas – and a chance for fans to see the potentially largest Dolphins draft in history.

“There is no question that it has been a tough season,” Garfinkel said. “In spite of that, I can tell you that I am more excited about the future of the Miami Dolphins than I have ever been. The goal of everyone in this organization is to honor the proud winning tradition of the Miami Dolphins and to build a Championship team; not a team that can make the playoffs, but a Championship team that can be sustained over a period of time. In order to do that, we had to take a different approach and build a roster and a culture with a shared set of values and standards.”

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He reverted back to what the team’s owner Stephen Ross had said earlier: “We’ve won 72 games in 10 years and that’s just not good enough.” Ross went on to note that while he takes responsibility for the losses, he knows that the moves were “all made in the best interest in trying to build a championship organization.” Similarly, he touched on a point made by General Manager Chris Grier, who noted that “championship teams start with people” and with the help of Grier, Brian Flores, and Brandon Shore, the team will will be able to “approach everything with an open mind.”

Now, the team has a smart head coach and coaching staff, a group of talented young players, and the most draft capital in Dolphins history, Garfinkel said. With a new world-class stadium and football training facility that they’ll be ready to move into in early 2021, Garfinkel said that they’ll be “working hard to build the winning team that you deserve.”

Season ticket holders have until November 17 to renew if they want extra perks like meeting the Dolphins’ 2020 draft class or the ability to attend a special VIP draft party in Miami or Las Vegas. Additionally, according to a source from the Miami Herald, Dolphins will lower the price per game for some season ticket holders’ seats, while retaining the price of others. However, overall, fans will pay less, since the team will host only seven regular-season games at the Hard Rock Stadium next year.

This past season, the Dolphins are tied for last in the AFC East conference with the New York Jets at two wins and seven losses. They play the Bills this coming Sunday, followed by matches against Browns, Eagles, and Giants in the coming weeks.

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