UPDATE – February 3, 2020 – My Chemical Romance’s North American tour reportedly sold-out in under six hours.

Emo-rock group My Chemical Romance sent fans into a frenzy when they announced a reunion tour this week. However, when tickets went on sale Friday afternoon, thousands were left empty handed.

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Tickets for the reunion tour, which is set to kick-off this summer, went on sale at 12 p.m. EST. Pit tickets were priced at $200, followed by further back seats at $129, $99, $79, and $59. Unlike most A-list artists, MCR didn’t hold a Fanclub or Verified Fan presale ahead of the general public onsale – leaving everyone to vie for tickets at the same time. Fans, who complained about waiting in an online queue for over an hour, were shocked to see the prices when they finally reached the page to select seats.

The general admission tickets were no longer available for the price as advertised — fans now had to pay upwards $1,000 to see the Gerard Way-led band up-close. The expensive seats were listed on Ticketmaster as “Official Platinum” tickets, which were marked-up as a part of their “Dynamic Pricing” system, which lets the ticketing giant increase prices based on demand. Then, when prospective concertgoers tried to purchase tickets, many were left with an error message that read “another fan beat you to those seats!”

Fans took to Twitter to express their frustration with the entire process:

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My Chemical Romance, who just announced their reunion on Halloween last year, haven’t released new music since 2010’s Danger Days: The True Lives of Fabulous Killjoys or toured North America in nine years. The group garnered a cult-like following through the early 2000’s with smash-hits like 2004’s “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” and “Helena” from Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and “Dead,” “Teenagers,” “Welcome To The Black Parade,” and “Famous Last Words” from The Black Parade in 2006. On the upcoming trek, they’re slated to make stops in cities like New York City, Boston, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles.

See the full list of dates here.