My Chemical Romance Fans Lash Out At Ticketmaster For ‘Dynamic Pricing’ My Chemical Romance Fans Lash Out At Ticketmaster For ‘Dynamic Pricing’
UPDATE – February 3, 2020 – My Chemical Romance’s North American tour reportedly sold-out in under six hours. — Emo-rock group My Chemical Romance... My Chemical Romance Fans Lash Out At Ticketmaster For ‘Dynamic Pricing’

UPDATE – February 3, 2020 – My Chemical Romance’s North American tour reportedly sold-out in under six hours.

Emo-rock group My Chemical Romance sent fans into a frenzy when they announced a reunion tour this week. However, when tickets went on sale Friday afternoon, thousands were left empty handed.

Tickets for the reunion tour, which is set to kick-off this summer, went on sale at 12 p.m. EST. Pit tickets were priced at $200, followed by further back seats at $129, $99, $79, and $59. Unlike most A-list artists, MCR didn’t hold a Fanclub or Verified Fan presale ahead of the general public onsale – leaving everyone to vie for tickets at the same time. Fans, who complained about waiting in an online queue for over an hour, were shocked to see the prices when they finally reached the page to select seats.

The general admission tickets were no longer available for the price as advertised — fans now had to pay upwards $1,000 to see the Gerard Way-led band up-close. The expensive seats were listed on Ticketmaster as “Official Platinum” tickets, which were marked-up as a part of their “Dynamic Pricing” system, which lets the ticketing giant increase prices based on demand. Then, when prospective concertgoers tried to purchase tickets, many were left with an error message that read “another fan beat you to those seats!”

Fans took to Twitter to express their frustration with the entire process:

My Chemical Romance, who just announced their reunion on Halloween last year, haven’t released new music since 2010’s Danger Days: The True Lives of Fabulous Killjoys or toured North America in nine years. The group garnered a cult-like following through the early 2000’s with smash-hits like 2004’s “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” and “Helena” from Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and “Dead,” “Teenagers,” “Welcome To The Black Parade,” and “Famous Last Words” from The Black Parade in 2006. On the upcoming trek, they’re slated to make stops in cities like New York City, Boston, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles.

See the full list of dates here.

  • Taylor

    January 31, 2020 #1 Author

    Thank you for posting this article….today was infuriating. I was totally willing to pay $200-$300 per ticket to see them. Sat in ticketmasters “Waiting Room” for over and hour and immediately got in queue 10 minutes prior to sale. Was immediately informed that 2000+ people were ahead of me. Reassured myself “this is going to be okay, this is an arena show, there are plenty of seats.” Finally got my turn to purchase tickets. After spending literally hours selecting different tickets in my price range I gave up. Saw great seats for $179….ok I’m in just to get a sorry, a fan beat you to it, please try again. No biggie, someone clicked them faster to me, I’ll try another. Repeat….repeat….repeat….Oh hey there are those tickets I selected the first time, maybe the person didn’t complete check out. Oh wait, now they are $250….it’s ok, it’s worth it, I’m in. Click…sorry another fan beat you to it. Okay, damn, time to try again. Repeat….repeat….repeat. Oh hey there they are again! Those $179 tickets that went up to $250 are now $400. Let me try nosebleeds, oh now those are up to $250. Something is terribly wrong with the way this ticket system works and it seems until fans are ready to fully boycott ticketmaster which will unfortunately probably never happen they are just going to get away with it. To add insult to injury 5 to 6 hours later I check again. Wait, now there are $99 seats available in the nosebleeds what is that about???? Oh, nevermind, they are behind the freaking stage!


  • Keith

    January 31, 2020 #2 Author

    How many people go to a concert by themselves. One tix was the limit…really. Fortunately I got back in q and was able to by a second tix. I cant sit with my son. That sucks. 1st tix $60, 2nd $80. But we are going to Sunrise.


  • David Gryzick

    January 31, 2020 #3 Author

    I had the same experience attempting to buy tickets for the Denver show. I was in the queue 10 minutes early. The screen then told me I had 2000+ people ahead of me. I waited about a half hour and was told it was my turn! I started clicking on tickets for $199 each to buy but kept getting the message “oops, too late”. My son and I stubbornly tried buying tickets for 30 minutes. Twice it looked like the website was going to give me tickets and then the “oops” message came up. We were trying to buy anything. It didn’t matter. We always got the “oops” message. Something feels really sleazy about Ticketmaster and this whole process. I went back on 30 minutes later and saw hundreds of tickets going for sale from $400 to $1,000. Crazy. Either Ticketmaster or the scalpers won on this show. It’s just sad.


    • Christopher Terracina

      February 4, 2020 #4 Author

      Did any one think to ask the band for a quote? Has MCR addressed their fans’ issues in anyway.


  • Asaltydaniel

    February 1, 2020 #5 Author

    i mean,,, they sold out of their own tickets. when they do that they allow resales of the tickets. that’s why prices kept going up and up and up… cause those were other people selling them. trust me, Ticketmaster isnt a huge enough dick to price 1 pit ticket for 13k.


    • Julie greene

      February 4, 2020 #6 Author

      the resale is fans reselling. If it is listed as platinum that is the band or promoter with the bands knowledge


  • Joshua M. Ball

    February 1, 2020 #7 Author

    Ticketmaster must be STOPPED…this is crazy ..Im sick of this shit…Just happened with pearl nam ingot stuck paying 1000 dollars for 2 tickets behind the fuckin stage…now mcr..who ibe seen over the last 15 years over 30 times all over the u.s and never paid more than 50 for a pit ticket…absolutely absurd….there needs to be a new ticket company that doesn’t allow this price gouge bullshit…noone should be able to sell a ticket for more than twice its fave value and that’s that…get your head outta ur ass all you fuckin scumbags buying and reselling tickets to bands that mean more to the ppl goin than the thousands of dollars in your fuckin bank account losers…fuck off and die…


    • Bridget

      February 4, 2020 #8 Author

      I totally agree, this is absolutely ludicrous. Soooo not fair! What the hell can we do, though? I just can’t afford to go, and I am not going to sit in a nosebleed seat when I’ve felt Gerard Ways sweat fall on me for 50 bucks in the past. Screw this, it’s a nightmare!


  • Joshua Ball

    February 1, 2020 #9 Author

    Did you guys really take my comments off hahaha


  • Belinda Novotny

    February 1, 2020 #10 Author

    My daughter went onto the website at noon for the X-Cel venue in St. Paul. 2000+ people were already in the queue. About 15 minutes later, she was on the website to purchase. EVERY SINGLE TIME it said “Sorry, someone else got the tickets.” After 1/2 hour of trying, I got my phone out to text. At this point, she started getting error messages. Being old, I remembered getting tickets at the venue. I called X-Cel. They had tickets. By 1:20, after some speeding, we were at X-Cel. They tried for 15 minutes to get tickets. Not even singles were showing up. Fortunately they managed to get 2 tickets, obstructed view. Ticketmaster is [email protected]$_*’ ridiculous!!! StubHub is selling the $79 tickets for over $300. This band was the favorite of my daughter’s friend, Kira. Kira died 5 years ago, at age 15, from ovarian cancer. It was extremely important for my daughter to go. All you fans should boycott Ticketmaster.


    • Bridget

      February 4, 2020 #11 Author

      I wish it could be boycotted but thousands are paying, and they are laughing their way to the bank! Absolutely infuriating, what has live music come to?! Money hungry scum of the earth 😡


  • Angie

    February 4, 2020 #12 Author

    Pretty sure your disgust is misdirected. Ticketmaster does not set prices or decide if the tour will offer Platinum seats. You might want to check with your beloved artist.


    • JP

      February 15, 2020 #13 Author

      As I’ve stated below, the artist does not set the price with Dynamic Pricing, the price we are all seeing. This is entirely due to Ticketmaster’s internal price gouging module. Please try and understand this before misguiding people and making them hate their artists.


  • jay

    February 4, 2020 #14 Author

    LOL, fans have no clue…its the artists scalping there own seats. Brokers usually get like 1-5% of the venue for a super hot show like these were which means prices are HIGH because there is limited supply. If brokers got MORE, you’d be paying less…see how this works….your beloved artist sets the price and holds back the rest or sells above face on the rest…your artist IS the broker dumb assess…wake up…LOL


    • JP

      February 15, 2020 #15 Author

      This is not at all true. Please don’t believe this bs. The artist DOES NOT set the price with dynamic pricing, the price you’re seeing. This is entirely the work of Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing module, basically price gouging to see the maximum they can charge for a seat, then setting that price. It’s completely untrue that if brokers got more you’d pay less, it’s horsesht. Brokers make way more than 1-5%. Ticketmaster’s fees alone push them to the 16-20% range.

      Please do not believe false garbage like what jay is spewing. My chemical romance has little control except in picking the price gouged platform Ticketmaster. The rest is Ticketmaster’s fault. They should have gone with a private venue platform. Ticketmaster can fix this in an instant but won’t because they get away with it. Jay either works for Ticketmaster or knows next to nothing about how this works and unfortunately the industry is full of these charlatans.


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