While sports fans are often very dedicated to their game of choice, they’re not likely to attend a game alone, according to a new report by Quartz.

Ticket data, which was recorded from 2015 to 2019 via secondary ticketing site Vivid Seats, shows that about half of sports tickets are purchased in pairs, with 39% in bundles of three or more. Only 12% of all tickets purchased for sporting events are for a single ticket; nearly 29% of tickets purchased for PGA Tour events were single tickets, followed by horse racing at 25%, and NFL at 20%. This is a stark difference from Minor League Baseball and National Hockey League tickets, which were 6% and 8%, respectively.

This data likely boils down to how each sport is viewed. PGA Tour tickets are usually offered in general admission, as well as racing events, which means that people usually buy their tickets separately, even if they’re attending with friends. NFL tickets, on the other hand, might be purchased separately due to fans’ intense passion for the sport; a new study showed that 7 percent of people would actually sell their kidney or break up with their significant other in order to score a ticket to the Super Bowl.

Similar to obsessed concert junkies, sports fans might jump at the opportunity to attend a game, even if that means they’ll have to watch it alone. Earlier this month, Quartz reported that K-Pop, hip-hop, and alternative fans are more likely to buy single concert tickets due to the nature of the music genre. While country fans typically buy tickets in groups, passionate K-Pop fans won’t have a problem traveling to a show alone when their favorite group announces a tour in town.