With the first weekend of the NFL playoffs in the books, it’s time to start taking a look at the pricing forecast for the big one now just a month away. Super Bowl LIV ticket prices are going to fluctuate up and down over the next month, but fans are already buying their way to the big game in Miami, in hopes that their team will be ready to join them.

TicketNews surveyed six of the top websites offering Super Bowl LIV tickets – comparing the “get-in” Super Bowl ticket price across all six. (For our purposes, the “get-in” price for Super Bowl LIV tickets is the full price for a single ticket, inclusive of all fees and delivery on that particular marketplace. That means, if a website has service fees that they don’t show until the last step in the purchase process, we include those fees in the price, even if they try to hide it until the consumer is already committed). We will be regularly looking at various aspects of Super Bowl LIV ticket prices throughout the coming weeks as the NFL playoffs wind on, from “get-in” prices, to prime seat prices, to suites and other VIP experiences available to those willing to shell out the price of admission to the annual spectacle that surrounds the NFL’s ultimate game.

Out of the gate, the least expensive option across all six marketplaces we surveyed – StubHub, NFL On Location, Ticket Club, MegaSeats, Vivid Seats, and TicketsFeeFree – are all located in the upper level end zone. Most are non-specific seats – consumers grab tickets by “zone” and will find out the specific location of their seats once they are distributed by the league.

Date NFL On Location Vivid Seats Ticket Club StubHub MegaSeats Tickets Fee Free
6-Jan $5,212 $4,639 $3,846 $6,105 $4,494 $4,346
7-Jan $5,212 $4,639 $3,845 $6,105 $4,492 $4,344
8-Jan $5,212 $4,635 $3,845 $6,105 $4,492 $4,230
9-Jan $5,120 $4,635 $4,034 $6,105 $4,712 $4,436
10-Jan $5,120 $4,635 $4,034 $6,105 $4,712 $4,436

Among those upper level end zone seats, the best option for cheap Super Bowl LIV tickets – by a good margin – at this point is available to members at TicketClub.com – who can purchase a 300-level end zone seat for $3,846 total. Non-members would have to pay a service fee, but given that a membership can be purchased for $50 (and TicketNews readers can get a free membership), it’s still well ahead of the competition, price-wise. The opposite end of the spectrum is StubHub, which has its least expensive tickets marked as $5,000, but bumped to $6,105 after fees. On Location is nearly as high, with a single seat in Section 308, row 27 available for $5,212 after fees are added.

Vivid Seats looks at first to be a good deal, with a get-in price displaying as below $4,000 – but buyer beware. After entering all user details, including credit card information, the real price jumps to $4,639. That price leapfrogs a pair of transparent ticket marketplaces in Megaseats and TicketsFeeFree, which come in at $4.346 and $4,494, respectively.

Prices will likely be very dependent on what two teams make it to the final night of the season – last years New England vs. Los Angeles Rams match caused prices to slip in the final week of the pregame after prices had trended well above $3,000 average for get-in. As of January 6, both of those teams are out of the mix, with eight teams remaining with a shot to make it to Super Bowl LIV.

NFL Divisional Round Matchups:

Saturday, January 11
Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers (4:35 PM)
Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens (8:15 PM)
Sunday, January 12
Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs (3:05 PM)
Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers (6:40 PM)

Which four teams will survive and advance to the AFC and NFC Championship games next weekend? And how will this weekend’s games move the Super Bowl LIV ticket price market? Stay tuned…

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