After making an unexpected run to the AFC Championship last season, the Tennessee Titans are going up on their ticket prices in 2020.

According to reporter Paul Kuharsky, lower level seats at Nissan Stadium will cost 10 percent more this coming season. Those same seats experienced a 15 percent price hike before the start of last season. Meanwhile, mid-tier club seating and upper level seats are said to be increasing about 2 percent on average.

The team’s prices are also going up for certain games which they are labeling as premium. Clashes with the Steelers, Bears and Bills are being treating to higher price tags, with Kuharsky noting tickets for those bouts will cost $6-$20 more than other games. Also on the Titans’ home schedule are battles against the Browns, Lions, Colts, Texans and Jaguars. However, official dates will not be released until April.

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The Titans’ new pricing structure comes as little surprise. As previously mentioned, they raised ticket costs ahead of the 2019 season after years of little to no change. Even still, Titans tickets remained among the cheapest in the NFL. An impressive playoff run to the AFC Championship drew more attention to the Titans, and stars Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill in particular, both of whom are in question to return to Nashville. The team’s on-field quality throughout the playoffs had millions buzzing up until they were stopped by eventual Super Bowl LIV champions Kansas City Chiefs.

Tennessee joins a number of other NFL front offices to raise ticket prices, including the Ravens, Bills, and Browns. The Denver Broncos, on the other hand, are keeping their 2020 prices unchanged following a poor performance last season both on the field and in the stands.