For many live music and sports fans, the thought of a spot in the front row is a wishful one at the moment, as events remain on pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But for the marketing team at TicketNetwork, Front Row is alive and well – and operational after a good deal of hard work.

Launched just last month after a lengthy rebuild, Front Row is the name of the resale marketplace’s new blog, covering events big and small and the people that make them a reality. From sports updates to album reviews, Front Row is designed with the fan in mind, providing a finger on the pulse and steady flow of content to enjoy, even as events wait for a better day to return.

“Just about a month ago, the blog resembled more of an ancient relic than a marketing tool,” says Nathan Zielinski, who helped lead the redevelopment effort for the Connecticut-base resale marketplace. “The redesign is a symbol of our effort to reach out to readers and consumers and show we care about making content they will enjoy and offering them a chance to get to know our employees through the blog.”

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Zielinski credited designers Justin Prestash and Sarah Crowley for spearheading the technical side of the project, which will feature the writing of numerous staff members all with various areas of interest that span the live events spectrum.

In April alone, the blog has covered must-see music documentaries, overlooked metal outfits, NFL free agency, reviews of Hayley Williams and The Weeknd, and more. And this is all without any actual events happening to produce content in support of.

“The new look has really given us a new attitude about creating content,” he continued. “Instead of taking an overt sales approach with the content we’re producing, we’re focusing on things that can inform entertain, and engage our readers. Visiting FrontRow will be a much better experience, and that’s a main goal that a lot of content producers forget sometimes.”

Front Row is maintained at The company also maintains Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles tied to the brand, sharing the content to a wider audience in addition to those visiting the website.