An Arkansas concert venue has been approved to hold one of the country’s first post-lockdown shows after the event was initially shut down by the state.

TempleLive has been granted approval from the Arkansas Department of Health to hold a Travis McCready concert on Monday, May 18. The show was initially scheduled to take place May 15 – three days before the state permitted concerts to take place – which led to pushback from Governor Asa Hutchinson and a cease and desist order from the health department. The venue was also told it would lose its liquor license if it did not postpone the event to comply with state orders.

“They made some modifications that allowed us to approve it,” said Arkansas health secretary Dr. Nathaniel Smith, via the Associated Press.

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Those key modifications, according to the Department of Health, include the concert date, required face masks on patrons over the age of 10, mandatory temperature screenings at the door and keeping performers at least 12 feet away from patrons.

TempleLive is opening up the show to 239 patrons or roughly 21 percent of its 1,100 total capacity. Arkansas’ venue reopening directive allows events to hold up to 50 people, though venues can accommodate up to a third of its total capacity pending approval from the health department.

The event made headlines prior to the legal action for its strict safety measures put in place as the concert industry shifts to a new normal. TempleLive’s initial plan called for the reduced capacity, spaced-out seating for those who attend, face coverings, temperature screenings, deep cleaning before the event, keeping lids on any beverages sold, and even reducing the number of patrons allowed in the restrooms at a time. advertisement