A new survey shows that despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a majority of fans are willing to return to live events with certain social distancing protocols in place.

According to the Atlanta-based mobile ticketing app Experience, the study showed that nearly 55% of fans are ready to return to live events today, with another 45% cautiously optimistic to return to events within a year. Those who said they were willing to return to events today demand cleaner venues, with 35% saying they would expect health checkpoints on site.

More than half of those surveyed said they would require ticket investment guarantees to return to events, including refundable tickets and flexible return policies. Additionally, 43% want the option to return tickets for credit for future events if the show is cancelled. In order to officially jump on-board with the idea, 30% of surveyors said they would want socially distanced seating.


Despite the increase in participation at events, 20% of the surveyors are still uncertain about the future and don’t know how COVID-19 will impact the future of live events. Already, revenue outlook for ticketing showed an overall decline, with 1-in-3 fans opting to seek cheaper seats and purchase more single-event tickets.

Junior Gaspard, the Chief Executive Officer for Experience, told SGB Media that during this time, teams and venues will be able to “build a greater sense of loyalty with fans in support of a safe return to events.”

“Implementing flexible ticketing options, including giving fans the ability to return tickets or gain a refund on tickets, can help drive crowds back to events,” Gaspard said. “The data also indicates smaller ticketing packages and single event ticket programs will have more appeal in the short term and should be considered proactively.”

Gaspard went on to note that venues should implement cleaning and sanitization protocols in order to assure fans that they are safe at future events.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the live event industry as a whole is facing a huge loss in revenue. Many promoters, artists, and venues are seeking new ways to keep the spirits of concerts alive either through drive-in movie theater shows, crowdless gigs, or livestreams.

Last Updated on June 18, 2020