AudienceView, which added both Vendini and UniversityTickets to its portfolio in 2019, announced the launch of a new platform this week, spearheading an accelerated strategic innovation plan to best position the company for the return of large scale live events put on by its clients. The platform, the company says, seamlessly connects with ticketing systems throughout its portfolio, allowing the release of new features to be far easier, faster, and more flexible. This will allow the company to respond to the rapidly changing demands that a post-COVID world in ticketing will likely require.

“Over the past three years, AudienceView has experienced rapid growth to become one of the largest ticketing providers in the industry,” said Mark Fowlie, CEO of AudienceView. “During this growth, we’ve remained consistent with our strategic vision to combine our assets within the AudienceView portfolio to build the best overall solution for live events. We’ve made the decision to accelerate our strategic innovation plan because the industry has forever changed and our clients have new needs that we must respond to. We are confident that AudienceView is uniquely positioned to help the industry thrive, not just survive.”

As part of the new platform launch, the company identified four core improvements that it will be adding in the near term:

Insomniac browser for ticketing professionals
  • Marketing Portal & Consumer Brand Integration – created to help clients find and engage with new audiences built by AudienceView’s popular consumer brands. TheaterMania, WhatsOnStage, LaughStub, ElectroStub and TuneStub each shine a spotlight on different industry genres with an aggregate following of 6.8-million live event enthusiasts. Software clients will enjoy a full integration with these consumer sites to seamlessly share their events and access multimedia and show details which enhance their event messages through their own marketing channels.

  • Live Streaming Integration – the desire to introduce virtual events as a secure, ticketed option has been identified as a high priority for AudienceView clients while in-person events are not a reliable enough source of revenue. Software clients will gain tools for ticketing live streaming events along with access to built-in international audiences through AudienceView’s consumer brands. This access to grow beyond local audiences for all sizes of organizations is a massive advantage when competing across the virtual event landscape. In the long term, organizations can leverage this functionality for hybrid performances, generating revenue by selling both physical seats and live virtual access.

  • Community Engagement – With a massive community of live event professionals in the tens of thousands, AudienceView has committed to integrating learning and engagement opportunities into a single experience. The launch of Unobstructed, a unifying brand that gives entertainment professionals a clear view on the live events industry, was a first step in this process. Unobstructed includes an engaging podcast series as well as access to industry insights such as “The Patrons’ Perspective” report, which shares insights into current feelings and attitudes of 5,000+ theater fans on returning to the theater.

  • Learning & Education – AudienceView has also launched a new learning platform that spans various ticketing solutions. Since early 2020, this ‘AudienceView Learning’ management system has been populated with over 325 new on-demand videos, articles and learning tools to help clients and their teams become more efficient and effective. An intense focus on teaching users to maximize the tools and capabilities available to them aims to make clients stronger adopters of various solutions that advance their business goals through revenue generation, customer engagement strategies and/or operational efficiencies.

“As an organization, we have chosen to use this ‘industry intermission’ to leverage innovation to further support our clients and the industry,” said Fowlie. “Live events are in need of more pioneering ideas and new solutions. As one of the largest providers in live events, AudienceView is structured and funded to efficiently offer this to our clients. In addition, re-building audiences has never been more important, which is why we chose to invest in integrating our consumer brands with our software clients. I’m proud of the hard work and dedication shown by the AudienceView team to ensure that our new tools will be in place to help audiences return after the COVID-19 shutdown. We look forward to sharing this and more with our clients throughout the remainder of 2020 and beyond.”