K-Pop stars BTS have not let the worldwide pause on live events slow them down in 2020. The group followed its June Bang Bang Con success with the Map of the Soul On:E event over the past weekend, attracting a reported 993,000 viewers in 191 countries according to the group’s management.

With ticket prices that ranged from $13.50 to $90.89, the event is believed to have achieved revenue in excess of $35 million for the band. A one-day pass ran non-fan club members $44.55, with a two-day pass $81. Additionally, a ticket for an online exhibition was $13.50. Fan club members had discounts at each price point, and official figures on attendance and revenue have not been released. Regardless, the spectacle was undoubtedly a major windfall for the performers.

“The concert crossed countless emotions. Our first march began with seven boys who gathered for a small dream,” the band said in a statement issued following the performance. “And together, we will march on forever, each of us waving flags of various colors and singing different stories in different languages. BTS is not a story of only seven, but is about you, me and everyone.”

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Viewers of the performance were able to stream the show in 4K/HD as well as utilize multiple camera angles. While home streaming was the primary target market for the event, Japan hosted live viewing events at theaters as well. A total of 23 performances stretched across the two day affair.

Should the estimates on crowd numbers be certified, the band would break its own livestream concert crowd record, set earlier this year. Guinness World Records announced in July that Bang Bang Con drew some 756,000 fans across the globe in June. This new event could potentially best that mark by over 200,000 streams when all is said and done.