A pair of performances from London’s Royal Albert Hall saw close to 155,000 tickets sold for streaming patrons across the globe, according to streaming platform Driift. Former One Direction member Niall Horan sold approximately 125,000 passes for his performance, while Kylie Minogue sold nearly 30,000.

With a cost of £16 each (approximately $21), Niall Horan’s show grossed approximately £2.4 million, with Minogue’s seeing a take of around £480,000. Horan’s performance saw a portion of the earnings go towards his touring crew as well as the We Need Crew campaign.

“Thank you everyone who watched the show!! Hope ya had as much fun as I did,” Horan tweeted following the performance.  “Even more importantly we raised a hell of a lot of money for our touring crew and @WeNeedCrew all thanks to you guys. Thank you to the @RoyalAlbertHall for having us, it looked beautiful. Hopefully we can all get back to work properly at some point and back on the road,”

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Minogue was performing in support of her new album DISCO, streaming her pre-recorded performance across the globe. In total, Driift reported that fans from 151 countries purchased tickets to the performances it streamed. The events were streamed over four time zones.

“With the right collaborations, technology and imagination, there’s simply no limit to where this format can go in the future,” says Driift CEO Ric Salmon. “Livestreaming has truly come of age.”

Driift has another event coming up with The Vamps performing from London’s Hackney Round Chapel on November 21.

Photo: Niall Horan on stage at Royal Albert Hall, posted by Horan on Twitter.

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