A group of Personal Seat License (PSL) owners have filed a lawsuit against the Tennessee Titans, alleging breach of contract and violations of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act after recent changes to its ticket resale policies. The lawsuit was filed in the Chancery Court of Tennessee at Nashville on March 19th.

Among the allegations in the complaint, the plaintiffs say that the team has enacted changes to its policies that “actively discriminate against PFL owners who resell their tickets,” despite previously encouraging many PSL owners to purchase additional seats with knowledge of resale activity. These changes devalue existing PSLs, part of an effort to force owners who resell tickets to “abandon the PSLs so that the Titans can snatchback ownership of them and resell the PSLs/for their own profit.”

“We are confident that the court will find that the team is inappropriately reneging on its commitments,” says Gary Adler, one of plaintiffs’ counsel in a statement. “What the team is doing is wrong, discriminatory, and it devalues the very expensive PSLs and season tickets that my clients and others purchased when the team needed to raise capital.”

The complaint lists 11 individuals as plaintiffs and Tennessee Football, Inc. and Cumberland Stadium, Inc. as defendants. It asks the court to prohibit the Titans’ continued punishment of PSL owners for using or reselling their tickets at their discretion.

Beyond those directly involved in the lawsuit, the complaint argues that the actions taken by the team harm all who buy or sell tickets to Titans games. By barring the sale or transfer to any individual or business they consider to be a ticket reseller, they limit and reduce the potential market for sale or transfer of PSLs. This, the complaint argues, leaves PSL owners – whether they are ticket resellers or not – “little choice but to return the PSL to the team at a fraction of its real market value.”

An email to the Titans’ head of media relations requesting the team’s response to the allegations has not received a response as of Thursday morning.

The full complaint is available here Titans Complaint (PDF opens in new window)