Have you ever wondered what it would be like betting on NBA lines or other basketball games? Here we got it covered.

To begin with, we must bear in mind that the markets and the number of bets will never be the same in German League as they would be with the NBA, for example. Next, we must consider three main groups of bets: bets on the winner of the match, bets on total points, and handicap bets.

Bets On The Winner Of The Match

They are the most common. Each bookmaker offers different odds to the winner of the marked match, mainly due to one characteristic: the winner must be decided before the extension.

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Example: Chicago Bulls (2.75) vs. Philadelphia 76ers (1.48)

In this case, the victory of the Chicago Bulls – always without extension – would be paid at 2.75 euros for each euro wagered, while that of Philadelphia would be paid at 1.48 per euro wagered.

Bets on Total Points

Other of the best-known and simplest bets are those in which the user will bet on the total sum of the points achieved by both teams. Currently, they are better known as ‘more than or ‘less than.’

Example: Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers

More than 226.5 (1.71)

Less than 226.5 (2)

The main point of confusion focuses on the 0.5 of each of the figures, cancelling, in this case, the bets that equal the total figure. In other words, if both teams add up to 226 points, none of the bets will win. One point more or one less would bring profits to the user.

Handicap Betting

It is presented as one of the most complex types of bets. Intending to counteract the difference between one team and another, the bookmakers offer a handicap to the user to try to match the conditions.

The handicap number is displayed as +X or -X, and that number of points is included on the scoreboard at the end of the match.


Chicago +6 (1.74)

If you decide to bet on this odd, Chicago will have six points plus ‘extras’ at the end of the game. Chicago must win, or, in case of losing, by five or less -in this case, when betting for +6- points for the user to win the bet.

Philadelphia -6 (1.90)

If Philadelphia wins the match 100-95, bets on his handicap will lose. The reason? In this bet, they started with -6 on their score, something that we would have to subtract from the final result, which would be 94-95. Philadelphia would have to win by 7 points to win the bet.

Betting on basketball games has become an art reserved for the best. One of the bases to be able to bid on these events is offered by many bookmakers.

Many operators have a section to watch the match live, though mainly for the most important events. Alternatively, you can follow basketball matches, with maximum precision, in animated form and with live updated statistics at most bookies.

Betting NBA Line Moves

Betting basketball, particularly NBA basketball, can involve extreme line movement, especially when it comes to totals. Many sportsbooks fear NBA totals more than anything else regarding sports bettors. They know that totals are not a strong suit for them and that wiseguys will hit them hard.

Why Do the Lines Move When Betting on the NBA?

The first question to ask ourselves is, “Why does the line move when we talk about betting basketball?”


There are two main reasons a line will move in the NBA. The first is injury. Often, a star player will be injured, and his status might be uncertain until game time. If his status has been determined, then the line will move quickly and sometimes quite a bit.

If a star player in the NBA is questionable for a match, then the question of whether they will play will cause the line to move as much as 3 points. This line move often won’t win, but you should be aware that injuries are a big reason the NBA line moves.

Wiseguy Play

The other main reason for NBA line moves is wiseguy play. This is true when it comes to totals. When we talk about betting basketball totals, the line movement can sometimes be quite violent. It is not unusual to see a total move of 5 or 6 points due to wiseguy or syndicate play. The professionals that bet on the NBA set their numbers and then pounce when they see a difference in the betting line.

There you have it; the vital things to know before betting on basketball, especially in the NBA.