It’s just a game – so why bother?

Not for some of the world’s most avid sports fans, who’d give up a top-tier BMW or a Mercedes Benz for a $133,000 resale value of an entrance ticket to the 2017 NBA finals.

Yup, you heard it right.  That’s more than twice the amount an average American spends for basic necessities in a year, but some basketball fanatics would happily pay up to the last dollar to be at ringside when the Golden State Warriors triumphed over the Cleveland Cavaliers to snag the NBA championship in 2017.

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Simply told, they preferred watching the Golden State Warriors in person, feeling the heat of the game, and enjoying the thrill of the moment over any other possible material possession at the time, regardless of cost.

With Stephen Curry-lead Warriors once again in the running for the 2021-2022 NBA finals, would some fans still be willing to spend that much to watch the Warriors in their sixth finals appearance in eight years – and possibly win their 4th NBA title in the same span?

Possibly.  America is a land of extreme possibilities, and there will always be some guys willing to fork out outrageous sums to get what they want, like the best seat in the arena.

Can the Warriors actually do this? Win a 4th title in seven years, that is? Bookmakers at Sports Interaction Review in Canada think they can. Analysts believe the Warriors, led by high-scoring Curry, have a stronger offensive arsenal than the Celtics.

Although Sports Interaction Review has on-going promos to entice gamers to place their bets online, it also announced more promos are coming in time for the NBA Finals between the Warriors and the Celtics. More about the sports interaction sportsbook promos here.

After two years of limited-seat only NBA games, the fans are back once again.  Although the crowd is not in pre-pandemic numbers yet, it has triggered huge spikes in ticket prices at every game during the playoffs.  In the first round of the best of seven conference playoffs, for example, ticket prices ranged from $337 to $636 per series.

And the prices just keep rising after each series, until it’s down to just the Warriors and the newly crowned Eastern Conference titleholders Boston Celtics.  The two conference champions will face-off in another best-of-seven showdown to determine this year’s NBA titlist.

Just like the initial playoff series, the games in the NBA championship finals will be split between the Warriors and the Celtics, with each team given the opportunity to host at least two games.  This is the so-called 2-2-1-1-1 format, with each team given a home-court advantage for the first two games of the series.  The 5th game, if there is still one, will continue the alternating pattern until one team makes at least four wins.   .

In the Conference Finals between Golden State and Dallas, the Warriors hosted and snatched the first two games, while the Mavericks won only one of two games they hosted.

In the 5th game held at the Chase Center in San Francisco, the Warriors overwhelmed the Mavericks, 120-110, to clinch the Western Conference title and the chance to win the NBA championship for the fourth time in seven years.

Celtic’s young guns Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are not taking the challenge lightly and can’t wait to prove everyone wrong.

Anyone for the best seats to watch this trio in action?  The choice is not for everyone.  It’s an exclusive possibility for the rich and famous sports fans, with ticket prices set from $2k to possibly $100k when the curtains for the NBA Finals open on June 2.

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