SI Tickets announced an all new self-service event management and primary ticketing platform, “Box Office by SI Tickets.” The platform purportedly offers event managers a comprehensive NFT ticket solution, alongside traditional ticket formats, both of which will be able to be sold through the SI Tickets marketplace.

Built in collaboration with web3 leader ConsenSys and powered by Polygon’s blockchain technology, Box Office stakes its claim to being the first worldwide platform to offer a comprehensive NFT ticket solution. This Super Ticket™, combines event access of a traditional ticket with the option of add-ons like offering highlights, collectibles, exclusive offers, or other loyalty benefits to consumers. This is designed to engagement between hosts and attendees before, during, and after events.

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“From the moment we launched our global event marketplace, which now boasts 50 million tickets to over 250,000 sports, concerts and shows, we have been preparing to enter and disrupt the primary ticket market,” said David Lane, CEO, SI Tickets. “Blockchain is the future of ticketing, and now owners, promoters, hosts and attendees have access to an advanced ticketing experience that transforms the antiquated barcode into engaging and collectible content.”

“The existing self-service event management sites haven’t evolved fast enough, as they can only list events and provide software to scan a barcode,” continued Lane. “With Box Office, games, shows and conferences of all sizes can now achieve a superior and more cost-effective solution that includes unmatched visibility on a global marketplace, no hardware costs, free credits for their attendees and Sports Illustrated Tickets as their partner.”

Box Office by SI Tickets will collaborate with owners, organizers, and vendors in various sectors, including sports, health and fitness, concerts, comedy and nightlife, industry functions, and philanthropy and faith. The platform is launching with events ranging from youth sports competitions to fashion shows and live music bars.

The development of NFT ticketing has been a long-discussed potential trend in the industry, as event companies continue to iterate new ways to transform the ticket from a simple piece of paper with a barcode to a comprehensive document and passport with two-way functionality.

“Blockchain technology offers significant benefits for consumers, particularly ticketing, including enhancing payment security, and eliminating scalping and fraud,” said Brian Trunzo, Head of Business Development, North America, for Polygon Labs. “Box Office is an important step towards further consumer adoption.”

SI Tickets was launched as a ticket resale marketplace harnessing the power and recognition of the Sports Illustrated brand nearly two years ago.

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