Eventbrite (NYSE: EB) announced it will begin offering its clients Artificial Intelligence (AI) content generation tools on its global platform, helping them promote their events and sell tickets through the platform. The live event marketplace says the tools are part of its ongoing mission to support its event creators in driving engagement and interest in their events.

“Eventbrite’s creators and consumers remain the north star of our business. As we continue to innovate, integrating AI into our platform will help accelerate the business growth of our global community of event entrepreneurs by helping them save time and reach more attendees, faster,” says Julia Hartz, Eventbrite Co-Founder and CEO.

Artificial Intelligence being deployed to create content has been one of the major stories thus far in 2023, with the rapid adoption of systems like Chat GPT to help generate written content ushering in a new era, according to some. In Eventbrite’s case, it is banking on the tools being helpful for clients running events managed through the platform by allowing non-experts to generate promotional material and “empowering them to write like a pro and stand out across their event pages, emails, and social media ads.”

The company’s AI-powered tools for clients include:

  • Event pages: Creators can easily fill in an event title, location, and dates, and AI will automatically generate event descriptions, summaries, and event images in a matter of seconds. The event type, category, and sub-category will also automatically be filled in, making it even easier for people to discover their events on our marketplace.
  • Email campaigns: AI-powered email writing can help creators stand out in attendees’ inboxes, get more clicks, and drive ticket sales.
  • Social media ads: AI-powered ad copy helps creators launch campaigns easier and faster, helping event creators save time and reach more people. Early results are in and creators are launching ad campaigns 30% faster with AI-powered copy compared to non-AI.

“We’re integrating AI-powered tools into our platform, inspired by how AI enables event creators to spend less time creating their event listings and more time doing what they love: hosting unique and unforgettable events,” said Ted Dworkin, Chief Product Officer at Eventbrite. “Our AI integration not only saves creators’ time and effort, it also helps make their event listings more effective.”

The announcement of Eventbrite’s AI tools do not mention whether or not these are included in the company’s existing pricing structure for event creators on their platform, or if it is an add-on with a separate fee.

More details about Eventbrite’s new tools are available on the company’s blog here.