Bruno Mars was set to perform a second sold-out show in Israel over the weekend, but cancelled amid the Hamas attacks.

Mars took the stage on Wednesday, October 4 for a sold-out gig at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv. His second sold-out show was scheduled for October 7, however, the country was plagued by war on Saturday. Israeli television presenter Guy Pines said the singer left the country that afternoon with his crew members.

According to Haaretz, Mars’ performance on Saturday would have meant he was one of three artists to ever play two sold-out shows at Hayarkon Park, alongside Madonna and Michael Jackson.

TFL and ATBS for ticketing professionals

“Dear customers, the performance of Bruno Mars that was planned to take place tonight is canceled,” Live Nation Israel posted on Instagram, originally in Hebrew. “All ticket buyers for the show will receive an automatic refund to the credit card with which the purchase was made. We are strengthening the residents of Israel, the IDF fighters, and the security forces in these difficult moments.”

Israel declared a “state of war” on Saturday after Hamas shot rockets from Gaza. Its fighters carried out surprise attacks from both land and sea — and even could be seen flying through the air.

So far, 600 Israelis have been killed in the conflict, including 260 that were attending the Supernova festival in the Israeli desert of Negev in Re’im near the Gaza border. During the festival, rockets were fired-off, and 50 terrorists arrived in military uniforms, opening fire at anyone in their path, attendees told Israel Channel 12. Thousands were injured and many are still missing.