The “Rich Men North of Richmond” singer is sticking true to his promise of cheap tickets, and he’s asking fans to refrain from purchasing marked-up tickets on resale sites.

The country-folk singer shared a statement on his Facebook page, noting that his official website has an updated list of upcoming shows on the home page, which brings fans to a link to buy tickets through platforms like Eventbrite and Tickets Candy. He shared a picture of the resale site Event Tickets Center and told fans “please do not use websites like [this].”

“I’ve seen not only some scalped tickets going around, but tickets being sold for shows that don’t event exist at ridiculous prices,” Anthony said. “I bet they have extended car warranty’s on there too.”

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Anthony went on to note that there will be “many affordable shows to choose from in 2024,” which should be announced over the next two months.

The rising star made headlines last month after he cancelled a gig in Knoxville, Tennessee due to the venue’s high ticket prices, calling the $90 admission and $200 meet-and-greet ticket “not acceptable.” He said that his shows should “never cost more than $40, ideally no more than $25.”

While Anthony has been offered deals do produce his debut album, he said he doesn’t want to sign anything. He has, however, hired a team in Nashville to help him create a 2024 tour, which is set to cross the U.S. and even include some international shows.

“When the music first exploded, the selfish part of me wanted to just go back in the woods and not come back out for a long while. But I realize that this is a lot bigger than just me now,” Anthony said in a post. “I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity and I feel compelled to be respectful and diligent with it. I’m appreciative of all of you.”

Throughout October, Anthony has a handful of gigs lined-up, including appearances at Paintsville, Kentucky’s Alley Fest and Appalachia Meets The Ozarks in Mineral Point, Missouri. On October 11, he’ll play a special show at the Marion Event Center in North Carolina; he explained that the venue used to be a paper mill where he worked third shift. His songs were inspired by his time in the manufacturing industry over the last decade, making him sick of “hearing the same story,” where “people are so damn tired of being neglected, divided and manipulated.”

Find a full list of Anthony’s upcoming tour dates below, as well as secondary ticket links:

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Oliver Anthony Shows 2023

Oct. 6 — Paintsville, KY | Alley Fest
Oct. 7 — Mineral Point, MO | Appalachia Meets the Ozarks
Oct. 11 — Marion, NC | Marion Event Center @ LDM Complex
Oct. 12 — Black Mountain, NC | Silverados Music Park