Thy Art Is Murder recently kicked-out its frontman due to a “breakdown in his character,” and now, they’re introducing their new vocalist.

Tyler Miller, the new vocalist, introduced himself in a social media post this week.


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“My name is Tyler Miller,” he said. “Some of you may know who I am, some of you may not, and if not that’s totally fine,” the singer said. “It’s been kind of a crazy situation. One minute, I’m doing nothing in my house, and the next minute I’m getting a text, and now I’m here.”

He went on to note that so far, the tour has been “super heavy” and “super fun.”

Former frontman Chris McMahon was under fire for transphobic comments over the past few months, however, the band said the “final straw that broke the camel’s back” was a now-deleted video McMahon shared where he commented that a child’s mother should be “burned to death” for allowing her child to identify as both a boy and a girl. The band said that while the “fallout has been immense,” “we were lobbed with threats to destroy Thy Art Is Murder from the inside if we did not capitulate the various ideologies that [McMahon] holds.”

“Everyone has their own right to free speech and to seek their truth; they are also free to receive the consequences that come with it,” the band said.

Along with the split, the band also shared that McMahon’s vocals would not be featured on their new album, Godlike, which just dropped last month. The record was re-recorded before its release with vocals from Miller.

While some fans are upset with McMahon’s departure, others are praising the group for standing up to transphobia. McMahon is missed among many, but the overall consensus around Miller’s arrival — and his vocals — has been positive among fans.

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“Welcome aboard!” one fan commented. “You sound unreal on the album and the videos I’ve seen on the tour are sounding great too.”

Thy Art Is Murder is currently touring across Europe. Find tickets via secondary site StubHub here.