On April 17, the National Theatre welcomed audiences to the world premiere of “London Tide,” an adaptation of Charles Dickens’s novel Our Mutual Friend. Directed by Ian Rickson and adapted by Ben Power, this production is expected to offer a fresh perspective on the tale. It will feature original songs by acclaimed singer-songwriter PJ Harvey.

Set against the backdrop of Victorian London, “London Tide” follows the intertwining lives of a diverse cast of characters, each grappling with their desires, ambitions, and fears.

At the heart of the narrative are Lizzie Hexam and Bella Wilfer, two young women facing an uncertain future. Their lives take a dramatic turn with the arrival of John Rokesmith, whose presence sets off a chain of events that will alter their destinies.

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The cast of “London Tide” brings these characters to life with Beth Alsbury as Lavinia Wilfer and Joe Armstrong as Roger Riderhood. Crystal Condie steps into the role of Miss. Potterson, with Laura Cubitt playing Nancy and Jonathan Dryden Taylor as Mr. Cleaver. 

The play has an original score composed by PJ Harvey in collaboration with Ben Power. The behind-the-scenes team consists of Bunny Christie, who designed the set and costumes, Jack Knowles, who designed the lighting, and Ian Ross, who directed the music.