The online resale ticket marketplace Viagogo agreed to better inform its customers on the conditions in which tickets are resold following dialogue with the European Commission.

Viagogo has been in talks with the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network since 2021 after receiving complaints regarding its lack of clarity on taxes and fees. The company agreed to implement the following changes to its website by the end of August:

  • clarify how Viagogo ranks tickets in search results
  • reduce the number of countdown messages that appear
  • inform consumers that are already on the ticket selection page if the seller of the ticket is a trader or another consumer
  • allow consumers to choose an exact seat number, when available
  • include the delivery fees in the displayed prices where there is only one delivery option available for a ticket
  • include if there are multiple options for delivery and inform customers clearly that delivery fees are not included

Additionally, Viagogo agreed that it cannot change its terms and conditions without informing consumers in advance and giving them a reasonable notice to cancel their account — free of charge. It also agreed that when a consumer is given a substituted seat location, the new seat will be in the same or a better location.

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On the other hand, the company did not agree on certain changes requested by the CPC Network, including informing consumers of the amount of possible delivery fees at the beginning of the purchase procedure.

The CPC Network will actively monitor Viagogo’s commitments going forward.

This follows news earlier this month where a New Zealand court ruled Viagogo breached consumer protection rules, misleading buyers. The High Court in Auckland ruled that Viagogo used tactics to drive sales and induce ticket-buyers to pay an inflated amount of money for tickets.