Class Action Accusing Ticketmaster, Live Nation of Price Inflation Certified
A class action lawsuit accusing Ticketmaster and parent Live Nation of business tactics that artficially inflate prices for consumers was certified by a judge in Vancouver, British Colombia in April. The action – Gomel vs. Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. saw a hearing on the matter in November prior to... Read more
Sen. Skoufis Expects Comprimise in NY Over Ticketing Reform Bill
With just weeks to go in the current legislative session in New York, time is short before the current law protecting consumer rights in ticketing expires. But, there are competing versions of what renewing those protections looks like. On the one side, there’s maintaining the status quo with a... Read more
FTC Promises “Robust Anticompetitive Enforcement” in Live Event Ticketing
The Federal Trade Commission has responded to a recent call by several members of Congress for increased oversight of live event ticketing, promising “vigorous enforcement” against alleged monopolistic behaviour in the space. The organization issued its response last week in a letter from acting chair Rebecca Slaughter. “I agree... Read more
Consumer Advocates Urge Passage of Sen. Skoufis’ New York Ticketing Bill
Consumer rights organizations have come out in favor of a bill under consideration in New York that would drastically alter the ticketing ecosystem in the state. The bill, introduced last week by Sen. James Skoufis, seeks to make a number of changes to existing laws regarding event ticket sales,... Read more
New York Senator Skoufis Pushes to End Anti-Consumer Ticketing Practices
Over the course of the last five years, numerous government agencies individual states have attempted to address anti-consumer practices involved in event ticket sales and concert promotion. While various states have enacted some consumer protection – most specifically making nontransferable tickets illegal – most of the issues identified are... Read more
Bill Introduced to New York Legislature Altering Ticketing Landscape
A bill introduced this week to the New York legislature by Sen. James Skoufis (D-39th) seeks to amend the existing arts and cultural affairs law, vastly changing the legal landscape for live event tickets in the state. Brought to the legislature just Thursday morning, the bill will first be... Read more
Report: StubHub Caves on Fan Refund Demands After 15 Months
Customers who bought tickets to events through StubHub on or before March 25, 2020 will now be able to obtain a cash refund from the company. StubHub had drawn intense scrutiny and several lawsuits after an abrupt policy shift last spring, issuing only credits towards future ticket purchases on... Read more
Florida Venue Threatens to Cancel Resold Jimmy Buffet Tickets
A venue in Florida is threatening fans who have purchased tickets to an upcoming series of Jimmy Buffett concerts, saying they have no intention of honoring tickets if they were bought through resale marketplaces. The performances, taking place at Old School Square in Delray Beach, run on four days... Read more
Illegal Venue Rebates to Draw Scrutiny at New York Ticket Hearings  
Ticketing rebates passed back to venues and promoters are expected to be a central focus at upcoming hearings regarding the ticketing business held in New York. Such rebates, which are funded through “service fees” charged to consumers at the point of sale by vendors like Ticketmaster and AXS, are... Read more
Fyre Fest Ticket Holders Could Get $7,000 Each in Settlement
A group of ticket-holders for the now-infamous Fyre Festival in early 2017 were awarded a nearly $2 million payout by the US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York, pending final approval. The class-action settlement, which would apply to 277 ticket-holders, amounts to approximately $7,220 per claimant.... Read more