Eventster looks to corner the social event market Eventster looks to corner the social event market
Are you at a loss over what to do during the upcoming weekend? Have no fear, Eventster is here! Eventster, the newest app from... Eventster looks to corner the social event market

Are you at a loss over what to do during the upcoming weekend? Have no fear, Eventster is here!

Eventster, the newest app from the tech team behind Tackable and TapIn, recently launched in the Apple iTunes App Store with the promise of informing users of what is happening around their town. According to the app’s creators, the app is able to draw from over 600,000 live events throughout the U.S. and Europe, with coverage ranging from small local concerts to massive stadium events.

Worried that you won’t be able to sift through so many events to find the most popular ones? Eventster has already accounted for that fear and has built the app around the premises of fan interaction. Through the app, users are able to vote events up or down, creating a ranking based on popularity. Once a user votes for a particular event, that event will be bookmarked in case the user wishes to find it at a later date. Thus, users will be able to see what concert or sporting event will be the place to be on any given day.

The app is currently only available for Apple products and is free to download. According to Luke Stangel, Eventster’s chief marketing officer in an interview with Street Fight Mag, the app plans on earning money via partnering with promoters for the promotion of sponsored events.

The idea for Eventster arose through studying TapIn users’ habits. TapIn created a means for aggregating live information about a single entity in one place, but TapIn quickly realized that users would often only access the element of the app which focused on live events. With this information in hand, the company went to work on creating Eventster and giving TapIn users the chance to use an app solely dedicated to finding live events happening nearby.

The ultimate goal of the app, according to Eventster’s CEO Ed Lucero in Eventster’s press release, “is to get you out of the house and having fun with other humans.” The most popular events in a user’s location will populate the app’s home page, in addition to any sponsored events and the events nearest to the user. Once a user has chosen an event, he or she will be able to check ticket prices from primary and secondary ticketing sites. For most events, the user will be able to purchase tickets directly through the app, saving time and allowing for last minute ticket purchases to go off without a hitch.

Eventster, while the newest app based on social event discovery, is certainly not the first. Additional companies that have made social events their focus include Thrillcall, Meetup, and the now defunct RAVN. But Eventster’s team believes that their app can truly become the “Pandora for Events.” As Eventster begins to learn a user’s particular tastes, it will tailor the app to follow what he or she likes, while still offering the user the ability to know what events are currently popular nearby.

It remains to be seen if Eventster will succeed where others have faltered and truly create a revolutionary social event discovery app, but with as many as 40 percent of all tickets remaining unsold for events, it certainly cannot hurt for the app to give it a try.



By Jean Henegan

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